All You Need to Know About Swap Naija (App for Transferring Airtime across Networks)

It’s a dawn of a new day for mobile network subscribers in Nigeria as they can now transfer airtime across different networks using the Swap Naija App. This is a new invention that wowed me after test running it.

Swap Naija is a mobile app available on Android play store & Blackberry world which makes airtime swap possible on the go in real-time. Before now, what was obtainable was a transfer between subscribers within a similar telecom network. With Swap Naija, Nigerians can now send airtime to any telecom network.

For example, using the App, you can transfer swap/airtime from an MTN line to a Glo, Airtel or Etisalat line. Isn’t that wonderful?

I will be sharing with our dear readers everything you need to know about Swap Naija, the steps to transfer airtime from one network to another and what it will cost you for this service.

Before I do that, I will like to appreciate the developers of this App. Swap Naija was developed by young Nigeria entrepreneurs led by name Opeoluwa Aiyegbusi and Lawrence Oye. Swap Naija was unveiled at the TEDxBodija Conference which was held on December 6, 2015 in Ibadan.

How to use Swap Naija Step by Step

  1. Download the Swap Naija App from your Android play store (1.3MB) or Blackberry world (1MB). (Update – Link removed cos App has since been deleted from the store)
  2. Register your mobile network details comprising of your name, mobile number (Primary registered number that you will be transferring airtime from).
  3. Go to the Menu and then click swap
  4. Fill in the beneficiary’s network, number and the amount you wish to transfer.
  5. Fill in your airtime transfer pin (e.g your share and sell pin for MTN subscribers or Me2u pin for Airtel Subscribers)
  6. Click on Swap Airtime and you are done.

You can transfer as much as 5000 Naira airtime and a minimum of 60 Naira airtime equivalents.

Charges that apply

Please note that 10 percent charge accrue to the swap. Meaning that if you wish to transfer #100 worth of airtime to another subscriber, s/he gets equivalent of #90 airtime.

The good news though is that because this transfer goes through interswitch, the receiving subscriber gets 20% bonus from interswitch.

Blow are some snap shots from my Sony Xperia Z1 Android phone.

swap naija app by the total entrepreneurs

swap naija app by the total entrepreneurs 1

swap naija app by the total entrepreneurs 2

Need more information or explanation on how to use Swap Naija, comment below and I will throw more light.


Francis Nwokike

Francis Nwokike is a Social Entrepreneur and an experienced Disaster Manager. I love discussing new business trends and marketing tips. I share ideas and tips that will help you grow your business.

11 Responses

  1. Samuel says:

    The app is not working on my phone

  2. Stanley says:

    This application is not working… how can I use six hours to try restarting and it’s not even showing registration process or done…

  3. Jasmine says:

    This is not good of a business. What people are complaining about this app is true. For over an hour plus,I have downloaded and trying to register but it keeps loading endlessly #registration in processing without registering me . Nah wash oo. How can one even trust the app ? I’m not even sure it still exist. Google have to delete this app from their store so that people wouldn’t waste their time and data

    • Hello Jasmine. Thank you for your comment and observation. Swap Naija is an independent App managed by some young developers not associated with TTE. The App was working perfectly fine when we wrote about them.

      However, our team will reach out to the developers to ascertain what could be the problem.

      We will update you with their response and if we get none, we will see update you.

      Also make sure you are using the latest update of the App.

      Best regards

  4. Valentino Valeria says:

    I have downloaded the Swap Naija application, I have done the registration successfully, I tried to swap airtime from my airtel to MTN but after showing that “you are done” it will still display this: “Generic Failure”
    What is the problem and what should I do?

  5. Kevin Micheal says:

    I registered before then something went wrong with my phone later on so I had to flash it , so later when re-installed the app it asked Me to register then I put in the details I used to register before but it didn’t work

    • Hello Kelvin, if you have tried logging in with the correct details used in opening a Swap Naija account and you couldn’t access it, I suggest you contact the Swap Naija team through the contact us link or through their social media pages, I’m sure the issue will be resolved. Cheers

  6. Promise Excel says:

    Entrepreneurs arising.

    The sweetest part of this info is that it was developed by Nigerians.

    This is what Africans should be doing-solving their own problems and not wait for the foreign investors

    • You are correct my friend. Africans have the brain to liberate there continent, they only need to take the step. The human brain can achieve most of the things it conceive.

      All the best.

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