Brandmykeke as new advertising platform

Brandmykeke as new advertising platform

Branded Keke

As traditional media practitioners continue to devise means of surmounting competition from emerging media, exploring digital and social media platforms, the media keeps experiencing more challenges from new platforms at a time when advertising budget is shrinking.

The latest challenge is coming from a new platform, ‘BrandMyKeke’, an Out-Of-Home platform popularly called Keke Marwa (Tricycle), which offers viable exposure for brands.
With approval of outdoor advertising regulators, the Tricycle, it is believed, has the power to reduce the market share of traditional 46-sheet billboards and its modern form, Digital LED billboards, which are stationed at specific locations, mostly traffic areas. Its ability to move from place to place gives the platform a vintage position.

Recently, an innovative mobile out-of-home advert company,, announced the entry of the mobile advertising platform into the market for brands seeking visibility in their markets of choice.

Brandmycar Chief Executive Officer Ms. Amaka Okolo said the Brandmykeke platform is deployed on the hoods and back panels of tricycles or three-wheelers (also KekeNapep).

“It is a made-to-measure advertising solution ideal for mass market products. Prior to the introduction of the ‘Brandmykeke’ platform, producers and brand and marketing communications managers of mass market products had a seemingly horrid time getting their products across to their target audiences, especially, within close-knit communities, such as the Ajegunles and Idumotas of this world. The Brandmykeke platform is fresh, unique and first-of-its-kind in advertising media in Nigeria,” said Okolo.

She said the company designed the platform for brands because of the unique use of tricycles as a means of mass transportation in most Lagos neighborhoods.

“We realize that the advertisers want exposure. Because tricycles operate in areas of large population, we are certain that the platform will give a lot more value to advertisers. We also noted the slow movement of the tricycles and believe that interaction between brands on these platforms and the market will be a lot stronger, thereby deepening brand penetration,” she continued.

She also said her company also introduced another first from Brandmycar called Brandmybike, which will ensure brands have deeper penetration into targeted markets in inner streets and hitherto unreachable neighbourhoods.

She said the company, which has fully patented its Brandmykeke design will also have trackers installed on each tricycle giving brands the option of tracking the tricycles so branded to ensure maximisation of value.

“We will give them the choice of picking tricycles with trackers installed to monitor their campaigns. We are also taking addition care to train all riders before each campaign to instill in them the brand values of the brand owners and ensure full compliance,” she said.
With over 5,000 cars, private cabs comprising airport and hotel cabs, she said before such money is paid to owners of the platform, the advertisers would verify their compliance through vehicle tracking reports to prevent falsehood by car owners.

When engaged by advertisers, she noted that the tracking report would show how many miles the car has covered within the agreed period of time the advert is supposed to run, this way, advertisers will know how far the advert has travelled.

Okolo further said advertisers could either pick the cars they want online or can allow the company pick for them and then do the vetting.

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