Dangote Ranked Among Most Powerful People in the World (Updated 2019)

New Dangote Ranking in World’s Most Powerful People 2019

Africa’s richest man, President of Dangote Group, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, was rated among top 75 most powerful people in the world by Forbes Magazine in 2019.

Dangote, the only black man who made the list was ranked 66th.

President of Egypt, Abdel el-Sisi, was the only other African listed apart from Dangote and he was placed at number 45, while the defiant North Korean leader Kin Jong-un who was placed at number 36 and the FIFA president Gianni Infantino rounded up the list as the 75th most powerful person.

Chinese Prime Minister, Xi Jinping is the current most powerful person displacing his Rusian counterpart Vladimir Putin who came second.

US president Donald Trump is the current 3rd most powerful person in the world while the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, is the 4th most powerful person and also the most powerful woman on earth and second to her is Theresa May who is the 2nd most powerful woman and 5th most powerful person on earth.

The list had other powerful people like Pope Francis occupying the sixth position.

The former world’s richest man, Bill Gates came 7th, French president, Emmanuel Macron came 12th; Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg is 13th position and his tech counterpart and SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk was in the 25th position.

According to Forbes, people who made the list had their power measured along four dimensions:

  1. Whether they have power over lots of people.
  2. Financial resources controlled by them.
  3. If they are powerful in multiple spheres.
  4. And how actively they use their power.

Africa's richest man Dangote Ranked Among the Most Powerful People in the World

Aliko Dnagote

Dangote was named among the 50 world most influential personalities by Bloomberg, the renowned United States-based news media with bias for business and financial news reporting.

The group of personalities, chosen by the Bloomberg Market, consisted of CEOs, world leaders as well as religious leaders. As expected, Trump, Merkel and Pope Francis made the list with Dangote.

According to Bloomberg, those on the list build companies and assemble fortunes.

They run banks or hope to disrupt them. They shape economies and spread ideas. They manage money and wield the clout that goes with the billions of dollars they invest.

The Bloomberg said of Dangote: “The founder of Dangote Group, Africa’s most successful businessman, built his fortune in sugar, textiles, and cement in his native Nigeria where, today, he is a political as well as a financial power broker. He is expanding in other countries and may list his cement company in London Stock Market.”

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