Doing Business the Internet Way

It is no longer news that the conventional ways of bombarding customers and business owners with print ads like flyers and billboards, newspaper and magazine adverts, etc are passing away speedily. Doing Business the internet way is the growing trend.

Many startups and emerging entrepreneurs are coming up with better ways marketers can reach their prospects with targeting and locality marketing geared towards reaching the target market for any business.

One will not completely wave these old methods of advertising businesses away but Doing Business the Internet way seems to be the new and better way to reach out to prospective customers and build a strong clientele.

Big corporations most times spend annual ad budgets that exceed the business sales for an entire year through this old and conventional way and end up reaching just a fewer number of people compared to advertising in the www.

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Advantage of Using the Internet

One advantage the internet world has is that the playing field is relatively level, all you need is a well-packaged website detailing all your business offers, your contact, and loads of other great content that will help sell your business. If your business is about buying and selling, start an e-store.

You Need To Build An Online Presence For That Business? (GET A WEBSITE)

If you own a restaurant or service-related business, you can give out coupons or discount codes to your visitors online.

Also, having your site visitors subscribe to your email list and mailing them with the latest news, events and special offers is a great way to get (and keep) loyal, regular customers. The options are endless, and best of all, content is the Internet king, not slick, flashy, repetitive advertising. Learn more about content marketing.

If you aren’t comfortable with all things Internet, there are many companies that are and can help you with web design, web hosting, search engine optimization, and web marketing. Brands already doing business the internet way are reaping the benefits. Reaching more prospects and buyers.

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Joint Venture

Sometimes starting a good business is not always so easy considering the technicalities involved and the lack of easy access to funding.

Partnership is always encouraged to help ease the work. It also allows for a broader scope of doing things. Joint venture is becoming a necessity in our current business climate.

Trade organizations can purchase products together to get better rates and buys, they can advertise together with direct mail coupons and newsletters (another big money saver), and they carry more political clout by appointing representatives to call on state legislatures or even Federal legislature in order to promote legislation favorable to small independent businesses. If your area doesn’t have a trade organization or does but you feel it doesn’t meet your needs, start one!

Point to Note

Advertising is not cheap, whether it is online or offline because the prices that the large corporations are willing to pay for it have priced it out of the reach of most small businesses. This is not necessarily a bad thing; let them have the entire cold, impersonal, beat you over the head repetitive advertising! People care less about this anyway! Always go for the personal touch.

If you own a restaurant or retail store, introduce yourself. Let them know you appreciate them coming by, and you can’t wait to see them again. When doing business the internet way, consider offering incentives and discounts, and be as unique, creative, and memorable as you possibly can. Remember that “word of mouth” advertising is so great you can’t put a price tag on it. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes, and stay there! Don’t ever do what you want; do what they want. Don’t just market your business, market yourself. It leaves an impression, and with the sorry state of customer service today in most (chain) businesses, people won’t forget it! Always make your customers feel they are appreciated and VIPs.

Remember, you are an independent business person because you wanted to do something new or different, so promote yourself accordingly. Here’s to you becoming successful in your chosen endeavor.

If you wish to start an online business or feature your business online, you are invited to talk to us and we can give you the best, easiest and cheapest platforms to move your business online. We can also help you get started.

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Francis Nwokike

Francis Nwokike is a Social Entrepreneur and an experienced Disaster Manager. I love discussing new business trends and marketing tips. I share ideas and tips that will help you grow your business.

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