Facebook Mobile Messenger Now Available in Desktop with More Features

Facebook is expanding its messenger service, with hopes of turning it into a destination on the web. Facebook released yet another update to its messenger service but the update is not focused on its mobile platforms this time but on desktops and laptops.

The new messenger communication service can be accessed at the website Messenger.com using your desktops, laptops and of course your Smartphone and tablets with more features like making HD calls from anywhere in the world.

Facebook Mobile Messenger app

Image: Messenger.com

Facebook which is the world’s largest social network has been expanding its Messenger platform over the past few years, building a robust message system that now boost of more features other than just chatting with friends.

Facebook is gradually gearing towards taking over the messaging world with its acquiring of WhatsApp Messenger last year for $19bn and the subsequent introduction of the WhatsApp messenger client for Desktop users who spend more time in their computers at home or work.

Facebook last month (March 2015) added the ability for other users to send music, photos and videos to each other through messenger by integrating apps like ESPN and the weather channel.

According to Facebook’s co-founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook is shifting its business to focus on mobile apps and they are backing it up by building the services behind them.

Some Features of Messenger.com include:

  • Making HD calls anywhere in the world.
  • Knowing when people have seen your text.
  • Snap photos and shoot videos,
  • Record voice messages.
  • Chat with your favourite groups.
  • More stickers that can help you say a thousand words with just two clicks.
  • Ability to send money easily and securely using the Messenger. (Available in selected areas).

Also available in Messenger is the chance for developers who will like to build on the Messenger platform. According to the website, “Apps on the platform let people express themselves and get creative. People can install your app and use it right from the conversation they’re already having in Messenger.”

Apps developed with Messenger platform will benefit developers because they;

  1. Get discovered in conversations.
  2. Make it easy to reply with their app.
  3. Give people ways to express themselves.

Apps already existing in the Messenger include:

  • Bitmoji (Your own personal emoji)
  • FlipLip (Make any photo talk)
  • GIPHY (Text, save and share GIFs anywhere)

According to Facebook, more than 600 million people use the Messenger app each month.

This latest move according to CNET could help elevate Messenger into a social network of its own, instead of being merely a way to send missives to friends and family.

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