3.2GB Glo Data Plan for Just N1000 and 7.5GB For N2000

Updated May 2017: Read to the end to see the Latest Glo 2017 Data Charges and how to Still Get The Best Offer From Glo


3.2 GB FOR N1000

7.5 GB FOR N2000

10 GB FOR N2500

1GB FOR N500

(To Subscribe or See More Options, Just dial *777#)

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Nigerian owned telecommunication company Globacom Nigeria Limited has rolled out yet another data bundle plan which seem to be the cheapest in Nigeria now.

3GB glo data plan

Glo currently has the best and cheapest data plan in Nigeria with the new data plan launched. This new data bundles which works on all devices, iphones, ipads, android, windows mobile, computer etc. is beginning to get the attention of internet users in Nigeria.

The data plan which the company named ‘Always Micro’ gives its subscribers great value for money.

Globacom Limited unveiled the Glo 1GB Data plan for just 1000 NGN last month but most subscribers and internet users are still not aware of this opportunity. Also unlike other networks that offer similar options but on promotional basis alone, this is not a promo offer so be rest assured that you will be rocking it for a very long time just like the previousely released plan that offer users 4.5GB data plan for 2500 NGN.

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Subscription code for Glo 1GB data for 1000 NGN

To purchase the Glo 1GB data, simply dial * 127 * 53 # and ensure you have up to 1000 NGN credits available in your account balance.

If you are a little heavy user like me, you could go for the option of 4.5GB just for 2500 NGN. To subscribe for this data plan, simply dial * 127 * 58 #. This plan is named ‘So Special’ and made for special users like me. lol

To check your Glo data balance dial * 127 * 0 # or send info to 127

Nigeria and most African countries are still believed to be paying so much for data, but with this gradual reduction, TheTotalEntrepreneurs forecast that by 2017, Nigerians will be paying 500 NGN for 1GB data all things being equal.

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PLEASE NOTE: This Glo data bundle version has been reviewed upwards to 3.2 GB meaning, instead of the normal 1 GB you receive at 1000 Naira, you now get 3.2 GB.

This is coming in respect of our (The Total Entrepreneurs) plea for cheaper data in Nigeria. We hope to get even better rates in the future as predicted.

NEW GLO DATA RATES (Updated 12th May, 2017)

Glo recently reduced their data bundle to the following;

N500 FOR 800MB


N2000 FOR 3.75GB

N2500 FOR 5GB

N3000 FOR 6GB

N5000 FOR 12GB

But what many Nigerians don’t understand is that the they could still be getting double of the data upon renewal before expiration thereby getting the former rates or N500 for 1.6GB, N1000 for 3.2GB and so on.

How the new Glo data plan works

If you are a new Glo data subscriber, any of the above listed data bundle you purchase, you are giving 100% bonus and if you renew at least a day before your bundle expires, you still get the 100% bonus and this continues unending but if you allow your data to cut before you renew, you are only given the normal rate.

The image below will help you but if you do not understand, comment and I will explain more.

Glo New Data Plan 2017

View all Glo Data Bundles Here.

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15 Responses

  1. Innocent says:

    I heard that glo now give extra bonus when you auto renew your data. Now I’m so much confuse because I want to buy a new data plan now from glo and they are still saying I should pay 1000 for 1.6gb which I think it should be 3.2gb. My 1.6gb I subscribed before have not finish so I want to renew it but they are still giving me option that I should subcribe for 1.6gb please help me coz I wanna get 3.2gb okay I’m confuse

    • Hello Innocent, you should go ahead and renew your data plan with 1000. Glo will give you 1.6GB data for 1000 but will reward you with extra 1.6GB for renewing your data plan before the previous one exhaust.

      When you subscribe, check your data balance, it will show you that you have credited with 3.2GB in total. Let me know the outcome after you’ve subscribed.

  2. Nita says:

    Hi, Please does this data plan work for blackberry 10?

  3. benny says:

    Hello I just activated d glo data bundle for #1000 offered 1536 mb on my Sony experia fone but I can’t browse wit it I av tried to call customer care all to no avail pls wat do I do.

    • Hello Benny, Glo #1000 bundle work on Sony Xperia Android mobile and other Android phones.

      Have you checked your Internet settings to make sure it is properly configured for Glo data services?

  4. benny says:

    Hello I just activated

  5. Seun says:

    Why is that this glo data plan hardly works well in my area, Ojota. Sometimes it will blazing fast other times it would just so slow. Very frustrating!

    • Hi Seun, the issue is not peculiar to you or your area.

      Like I said earlier, from my observation I believe the increase in the volume of Glo data subscribers due to the affordability could be the cause. Who in Nigeria would not want to get 1.5GB for #1000.

      You can now get Glo 1.5GB data for #1000 just by dialing *777#

  6. SUSSAN says:


    • Hi Sussan, I also noticed lagging in Glo Internet and I do not know the reason for that.

      But technically, I think the number of people subscribing for Glo Internet bundles could be the cause.

      Glo currently offers the cheapest data bundles in Nigeria and everyone wants to take advantage of the cheap data.

      I guess it has been working well for you till recently if not, I would have suggest you change location and try again.

      You should also try browsing at night to check for improvement.


      • Chiy says:

        Yes it has been working well till recently.
        Didn’t think about subscribers, I think that’s the explanation!

        • Yes. Lets hope they brace up and increase their bandwidth to meet the need of their rising customers.

          Etisalat is blazing fast in my location and other places I have been, you should also consider them. This depends on your location though.


          • sunny says:

            My 5gb glo @ 100 has just finished b4 30 day why?, and I have received message to load #500 to boost it to 1gb how true?

            • Hi Sunny, am not aware of any Glo package that offer 5GB for #100 and yes, it is possible to boost your airtime if you happen to finish your data before the 30 day period. Follow the process above to boost your data by 1GB for #500.

              Let me know the outcome. Thanks

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