Googles Tiniest Logo Change – Can You Spot It?

Just this past week, it was noticed by some careful and obsessive designers that Google made the tiniest change in their logo. The change which is very hard to notice has been said to cost the company a good amount of dollars. Google can afford it but this is already causing a ripple among the Google community and some short-term shareholders I read comment said it was time to sell their shares in Google as this might cause a downturn of the shares in the market considering the amount of money the project has caused Google.

The change was first spotted and published by Reddit.

I will also show you the GIF from GIZMODO showing the slight change in the logo but before you view the links, I will like you to spot the difference and comment on your findings before verifying your answer using the GIF from GIZMODO.

Here is the OLD LOGO

Googles Tiniest Logo Change - Can You Spot It? old logo



And here is the NEW LOGO

Googles Tiniest Logo Change - Can You Spot It? new logo


Let me give you a tip, try and concentrate on the “g” and “l”. Check their shape and straightness.

When Google was contacted to know the reason for the change, they said “We tweaked the logo a little while ago to make sure it looks its sharpest regardless of your screen resolution”. They said it was off by a pixel but now it looks better.


Also, it is of note that this is not the first time Google is making a change in its logo and might definitely not be the last.

Here is a quick back on the last LOGO change by Google.

Googles Tiniest Logo Change - Can You Spot It?

So many people have criticized the search engine giants not because of the slight change in LOGO but the amount of money spent in effecting the change.

What is your take on this matter? Do you support Google irrespective of the amount spent to the detriment of shareholders or think they have made a wise decision?

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  1. Mattew says:

    I wasnt able to spot the difference. The change was a total waste of money.

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