How To Submit Site to Search Engines

How To Submit Your Site In Search EnginesI have been receiving mails from some startup entrepreneurs in my Facebook page who wish to have a strong presence in the World Wide Web. They ask questions on how they can submit their site in search engines like Google and Yahoo. From my article; WHAT IS SEO?, I stated that for a Webmaster to have a strong online presence and get his/her web pages rank high on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), the number one question should be, is my site in search engines or rather indexed on a search engine?

I will make this article as short as possible. I know your time is very important to you.

We all know what a search engine is I assume. The top 5 most widely used search engines according to Alexa are;

  1. Google: An estimated 1,100,000,000 monthly visitors.
  2. Yahoo! Search: An estimated 300,000,000 monthly visitors.
  3. Bing: An estimated 250,000,000 monthly visitors .
  4. Ask: An estimated 145,000,000 monthly visitors.
  5. DuckDuckGo: An estimated 75,000,000 monthly visitors.


After launching your site and posting some contents, you need to make sure that it can be searchable in search engines. That is, when users search a keyword related to your web page, they can see your web page in the SERPs irrespective of the ranking.

To check if your site is in a search engine, just type your website address in the search box and click OK/SEARCH. If your site is already indexed, it will tell you but if not, you need to submit it. You can also check it by searching in the search box using for example or any webpage from your website

How to Submit Site In Search Engines

Submitting a web page or site in search engines is free. There are many ways by which you can help your site to be indexed in a search engine but the best is to allow the search engine crawler/spider to find you and it can do this through a link from another link that is already indexed within or outside your site.

It can also know about your site through a link in a blog, forum, comment box of a website or through social media sites like twitter and Facebook.

You can also submit your web pages or site in search engines once you post them in your page.

Visit the following links to submit your web pages;

Click here to submit your site/new article to 10 different Search Engines for FREE.

I know you must have learnt a few new things from this article. If you think I missed out anything very important, please do let me know in the comment box. I know the world is growing very fast, if you know of a better/faster way to submit site in search engines, do share with us.

Note, we always advocate the white hat approach to everything we do in TTE.

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