Konga.com Now Offers Gadget Protection Plan

You Can Now Get SuperGeeks Gadget Protection Plan from Konga

In its effort to protect its online buyers from buying damaged goods and having value for their money, Konga.com, Nigerians Online eCommerce site has introduced gadget protection plan for some gadgets sold in its website.

In an email Konga sent to me (as an affiliate), Konga acknowledged that some products might have factory fault and if a buyer purchase it, might start spending tons of money trying to repair the gadget.

In order to reduce this extra cost being incurred on the buyer after purchase of product; Konga has introduced a buyer protection plan in some gadgets allowing the Nigeria online retail giant to fix any product with manufacturer or user defects for users who have the gadget protection plan.

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Below is the information from Konga.com.

With devices, there is a likelihood of damage at some point, be it user or manufacturer caused. These damages cause users to spend a lot of time and money on repairing these damaged gadgets. From a recent survey, the findings revealed that an average device user ranks peace of mind ahead of product experience and price when making a purchase decision. For users, their gadgets are not just devices but tools for business and opportunities. This is why users should ensure they have a Gadget Protection Plan (GPP) for devices like the GPP SuperGeeks offers through Konga.com.

Konga Gadget Protection Plan

Credit: Konga.com

Users who have the Gadget Protection Plan do not have to worry about how to fix their devices in event of damage. If this unfortunately happens due to manufacturer or user defects, SuperGeeks will fix it! The GPP covers breakdowns, malfunctions, normal wear & tear and even device damage. It takes care of the small details, including labor and parts that might need to be replaced.

To get the Gadget Protection Plan for Konga.com, all you have to do is check for devices with the Gadget Protection Plan (GPP) logo beside them. Upon checkout, users will begin to enjoy expert support, repairs and in some cases, device replacement. If the device you want does purchase does not have the Gadget Protection Plan yet, no need to fret as more devices will added to the list.

Buy peace of mind, shop GPP devices from Konga.com.


This is a good development from an eCommerce site in Nigeria. It shows that they have the interest of their buyers at heart. I implore the management of Konga.com to make sure that this new development in the near future cuts across all product ranges in their site.

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