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The Total Entrepreneurs is a business blog for established and aspiring entrepreneurs and startups.  Get relevant information on how to start and grow a business, how to develop business skills. You can also access personal development and motivational articles as well as business related news.

The Total Entrepreneurs is managed by Francis Nwokike, a social entrepreneur, Startup and Investment expert, a self-improvement writer and CEO of OFRAN INVESTMENT COMPANY LIMITED. A passionate entrepreneur who loves helping other like-minded entrepreneurs learn about his new findings in the business world and what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Considering the rate of unemployment in the world today, Francis believes that only entrepreneurs can help the world not the government.

He is of the opinion that unemployment is a good thing. Do not get him wrong, maybe if you read on you will know why he think so. Many technologies, information blogs and online services today where born out of unemployment.

Unemployment is good. It helps man to be a great thinker and inventor.

Great inventions today came about through critical thinking and zeal to impact the society or even to succeed.

If one is engaged in an 8 – 5 job, there is this likelihood that one will not have ample time to invent except for researchers that work in a research companies. This is because invention requires research and research requires quality time. When your mind is not engaged in work, a creative mind should be engaged in critical reasoning and hard core mathematics of the brain in the search of what could possibly work.

The phrase “I am Unemployed” is the evidence of lack of creative minds.

I believe that when you are unemployed, you are forced to think; when you think, ideas flow; when you act, you employ the unemployed that refuse to think.

At The Total Entrepreneurs, we advice our fans and subscribers to always think of that stuff they will continue doing even when motivation in form of cash or incentives are not available or forthcoming and carve a niche for themselves in such areas.

Dr. David Oyedepo said that “You are either running with a vision, going on a mission or running with a passion… If you do not belong to any of these, life is reduced to burden”.

Passion and maybe vision breed the great entrepreneurs of the old, but circumstance + Passion + vision breeds the entrepreneurs of our time.

You passion is a pointer to the problem you are created to solve. ~ Mike Murdork

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Together, entrepreneurs can Change the World.

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