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Interview with an OLX User

OLX, leading online classified in the country is putting their money where their mouth is by equipping young graduates with entrepreneurial skills.

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Business developer and an avid OLX user, Femi Oriowo, described how he was able to get his current job by using the platform and has been able to sell over 500 phones and electronics on the platform, in a recent interview.

Can you please tell us how you discovered OLX?

I heard about OLX on radio in September/ October 2013.

How has the experience been?

It has been great, I have been able to sell over 500 items especially phones and electronics on the platform.

What do you like most about OLX?

The speed at which I get things sold on OLX is the catch for me and the fact that there are no middle men involved allows me to increase my profit margin considerably.

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So it is fair to say OLX has been life changing for you?

OLX has been more than that, earlier this year, I met someone who bought a laptop from me, we later became friends and now I am the Business Development Manager in his company, the opportunities with OLX are endless.

What are the things you have learned from doing business on OLX?

I have learned how to fix prices with respect to market trends, understand consumer psychology, engage in Customer Care/Support besides the fact that I get to hone my negotiation skills hence becoming a better business person.

What advice do you have for the unemployed youths?

With the high unemployment rate amongst Nigerian youths, young people can comfortably earn a decent side-income by selling on OLX starting with little capital, it’s a good way to start-up the ladder to being self- employed and self-reliant. OLX gives you the exposure you need to get your goods sold, provides excellent user support and what’s more, it’s free. You also get to develop and hone your entrepreneurial skills.

OLX, like every other online marketplace has had its share of invasion from unscrupulous elements called scammers; but with the safety measures recently being implemented by the management of OLX such as physical verification among others, scamming on OLX is sure to become a thing of the past.

Unemployed people, what are you still waiting for? Join the OLX platform today and starting making yourself some cash. – The Total Entrepreneurs

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