This is rather too much, hurting, embarrassing, unethical and unprofessional. How can Nigerians be enduring such abuse from telecommunication companies? On a daily basis, robo spam calls and sms coming from telecommunication companies in Nigeria, MTN, GLOBACOM, AIRTEL AND ETISALAT doing different forms of advertorials/promotions every minute of the day.

spam calls and smsWhich consumer has not gotten an annoying robocall, or spam text message telling him/her to subscribe for one thing or the other? These embarrassing spam calls and SMS come at inconvenient times, telling you something you don’t want and just waste your time.

Even when you want to check your balance, there is an advert first before the balance.

I have called MTN Nigeria, AIRTEL and Globacom several times on this issue of unwarranted calls and SMS but it keeps coming.

The worst part is that these companies will tell you that you can opt-out from these promotions by sending a particular SMS to a coded number, when you do, you will be charged but that notwithstanding, the spam calls and sms will still be coming.

Should Nigerians allow these to continue?

MTN Nigeria has a strategy they use to make people subscribe for caller back tunes even by mistake with their phone still in their pocket. They smartly place information in front of your mobile phone with an OK sign in front. An unsuspecting user might bring out his phone and trying to unlock will be mistakenly subscribed and you will immediately be charged and sent a confirmation SMS. I have been a victim of this case.

As an entrepreneur, I know that there are a lot of ways or better options to marketing products but the ways practiced by these communication companies are unprofessional, unethical and will be categorized as SPAMMING.

In the western countries, laws against such unwholesome practices exist. Consumers of AT&T filed a lawsuit against the company for making unauthorized automated calls and the company recently agreed to pay $45 million as damages.

Does it mean there is no law against such illegal practice in Nigeria?

Why should Nigeria Communication Commission, National Assembly, Nigeria Lottery Regulation Commission and the Nigerian Government allow such daylight robbery on its citizens?

Do the telecommunication companies deserve the right to such mode of adverts?

Every form of call or text message without the consumer’s permission should be worth a fee and 100% of such fee payable to the affected consumer.

This petition is for the telecommunication companies to regulate the way they advertise their products and to allow consumers apply for any if needed.

spam calls and smsNigerians, please do not turn blind eye to this petition, let us be safe with our money and time.

The Total Entrepreneurs are currently sponsoring a petition on against the telecommunication companies in Nigeria.

Sign this petition against the telecommunication companies; it might help stop these spam calls and sms thereby saving you time and money if our request is granted.


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Francis Nwokike

Francis Nwokike is a Social Entrepreneur and an experienced Disaster Manager. I love discussing new business trends and marketing tips. I share ideas and tips that will help you grow your business.

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  1. Francis says:


    So I’ve been complaining about the “evils” of sms spamming called “mobile advertising”.

    #MTN just came to the rescue.

    Dial *123*5*4# to opt out of ALL “mobile” advertising by MTN.

    I pray other networks follow suit.


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