Traffic Robots In Congo

The commercial city of Kinshasa in DR Congo now has two giant traffic robots to help reduce the incessant traffic already disturbing traffic and ease of motor movement in the area.

This traffic has added a lot of stress to daily commuters in the city prompting an urgent solution to curb the problem.

The traffic robots are controlled by a central computer and have in-built cameras. These cameras help report traffic offenses in real-time and help reduce bribery and dodgy dealings by the traffic police. This will help to enforce the law as no one can bribe the traffic robots except that some of the programs in it are deleted.

The traffic robot has a human shape with traffic lights on its back and chest.

These amazing traffic robots were designed by a lady called Theresa Izay, the owner of a company aimed at promoting the employment of female engineers. She explained how the innovative traffic robots work, here her When the traffic robots capture images, they are sent over the internet to a center where they are stored and could be used to prosecute people who have committed offenses.

The traffic robots are prototypes, but after hundreds of potentially dangerous intersections were identified in Kinshasa alone, there is talk of employing many more.

Although if many more are made, employment will be reduced in the traffic police sector. But it is a good innovation and The Total Entrepreneurs love works like this. It gives the inventors and the benefactors peace and tranquility when traveling to their offices or home. The designers of these amazing robots are going to rip from their hard work if this is adopted generally by the Congo government thereby employment of more hands to meet demands.


What Do You Think About These traffic robots? Will You Like It In Your Country?

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