Watch Out for Woleth Magazine: Magazine that Promotes Entrepreneurship

Woleth Magazine is a brand new entrepreneurship-focused magazine with a vision to inspire and motivate youths who are at an alarming rate moving into different crimes to re-channel their energy into entrepreneurship by exposing them to the fun, luxury, challenges, successes, and recognition associated with entrepreneurship.

With the rate of crime in Nigeria hitting the roof, there is no better time to launch such an innovation that will drive the entrepreneurship story to the younger generation.

Youth crime in Nigeria is giving the once pride of Africa a very bad name in the international community.

Many young entrepreneurs in recent times shared their start-up stories and how they have impacted their society positively and we at The Total Entrepreneurs believe there can never be enough of these stories so as to motivate other youths who are without jobs but can learn a skill, craft or ICT to venture into entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship, which is basically the practice of starting a business in order to earn profit can go a long way to salvage the growing unemployment in Nigeria and also help to stabilize the economy of our country as well as generate massive returns to the government through tax payment.

Until the youth strongly embrace entrepreneurship, changing their mindset of going to school just to acquire a certificate that will enable them to get a paid job, Nigeria will keep lagging behind.

Western countries like the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, China have developed an educational system that focuses on producing graduates with an entrepreneurial mindset and that is what is still lacking in Nigeria.

Though our Government is making efforts towards promoting entrepreneurship I do not think they are doing enough and in the right way. The Government policies in regards to starting a business also need to be looked into.

At the close of every academic session, Nigeria Universities produce hundreds of thousands of graduates but with limited job opportunities available, only a chunk of these graduates gain employment, and statistics (PDF) has it that majority of those employed are not satisfied with the job.

Some of these challenges and way forward you will read in the maiden edition of Woleth Magazine.


Woleth Magazine is a subsidiary of Woleth Consulting, a brand specialized in providing consumer’s opinions on client’s marketing as well as providing advisory services to enable clients produce a consumer appreciated marketing campaign.

The company was birthed on the idea of a young and vibrant entrepreneur, Ihieri Uchenna Michael.

Michael is a graduate of Psychology from the University of Lagos.

Speaking to the Young Entrepreneur and CEO on his resolve to starting this company, he said, “I believe that if we can publicize and recognize entrepreneurship very well, we would have more people engage in entrepreneurship”.

What has been done in the music industry is extraordinary, about 15 years ago we had very few youths aiming for that industry, today, most of them are looking to join the industry. If we can replicate that type of support, recognition, and publicity to entrepreneurs, it would do us a lot of good.

The direction most Nigerian youths are taking is worrisome and makes one on edge of what the future has in stock.

The Young Entrepreneur indicated his disappointment in several Nigerians who seem to be justifying cybercrime.

According to him, we all need to be more cautious of the things we say so as not to drive future generations astray and incapable of differentiating between right and wrong.

The belief that the only way to change one’s financial status is either through crime or entertainment has repressed the potential development of skills necessary for national development.- Michael Ihieri

Speaking further, he stated that claims by cybercriminals trying to justify their actions are exhibiting a form of psychological defense mechanism known as rationalization; which is an act of justifying one’s behaviour and motivations by substituting acceptable reasons for the actual motivations.

What you should expect from Woleth Magazine

In short, everything ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

  1. Business articles from renowned entrepreneurs
  2. CEO/Startup Interviews
  3. Interview of Policy makers and Politicians
  4. Successful partnerships and available collaborations
  5. Available startup funding options
  6. Startup ideas
  7. Marketing tips
  8. Finance management tips and lots more

Woleth Magazine

How to get a copy of Woleth Magazine

Woleth Magazine June 2019 Maiden Edition is available in digital and print copy.

The digital copy is available for free download on their website while the print copy will be sold at bookshops and by vendors.

Want to be featured in Woleth Magazine?

Visit the company’s website and speak with any of the support staff using the contact button.

You may also wish to drop your message in the comment box and you will be contacted for more information.

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