What Makes a Great Business Leader?

Are you a young entrepreneur, a business leader or an aspiring business leader?

Do you think you are qualified to be called a great business leader?

I have a great information for you.

Richard Madison, the Marketing Executive for Brighton School of Business and Management created an easy to understand infographic on What Makes a Great Business Leader?

Richard contacted me, sharing the inforgraphic and his thoughts on the topic with me. He further requested I share the infographic with The Total Entrepreneurs as it was part of Brighton school’s goal to enlighten the business world on leadership and business skills.

There are a myriad of definitions that exist to define what leadership actually means in the world of business today. This is because business owners, managers and experts all have their own ways to define what leadership means to them.

According to Richard, Effective Leadership is the ability to set and achieve challenging business goals, take decisive actions when faced with challenging business scenarios, outperform the company’s competition, take calculated risk and continue moving forward even in light of failure.

A great business leader knows that business leadership has to be effective..

“Did you know that the top three characteristics of effective business leaders are; leading by example, communicating in an open and transparent way, and being able to admit mistakes?”

The infographic explains this topic so much, so I rather not bore you with much details, go through the piece and please kindly share your findings or lessons with TTE.

What Makes a Great Business Leader?

What Makes a Great Business Leader?

Hope you learnt some business tips from this infographic? Please share your thoughts with other entrepreneurs and if you feel there is need to add some more info, kindly state it in the comment box.

This infographic was created by the Brighton School of Business and Management.

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