8 Advantages of Using Corrugated Boxes for Packaging

It is no surprise that businesses are` being actively scrutinized for their packaging choices and the impact it has on the environment. Turning to responsible packaging options while eliminating the use of plastic is long due in eCommerce business. With that being said, businesses are also trying to be environmentally conscious while being considerate about the material used for shipping to reduce their carbon footprint.

This great initiative has increased the demand for eco-friendly packaging solutions among brand owners while also proving to be a sustainable choice for their own benefit. Paper-based corrugated packaging is currently the top choice among businesses for their shipping needs and while considering their benefits, it shouldn’t be a surprise that more than 90% of businesses in the whole world use corrugated boxes for shipping their products.

Advantages of Using Corrugated Boxes for Packaging

If you are still confused about whether you should give corrugated boxes a try, here’s the list of advantages that you get while using corrugated packaging:

  1. Corrugated Packing is Reusable

To help you reduce the cost of packaging and the environmental impact of packaging materials, corrugated boxes are made reusable and collapsible. By offering a solid sturdy solution, these boxes are known for their durability and versatility for carrying any kind of product inside.

  1. Corrugated packing is made from recycled content that can be further recycled

The recyclability of corrugated boxes is one of their main ecological advantages. A high percentage of recycled material such as cartons, newspapers are used to make corrugated boxes and they can be further recycled to be used again for the same purpose. This packaging option also offers a sustainable choice when it comes to their disposal as they are made without using any kind of dyes and bleaches.

  1. Get More Efficient Protection with Corrugated Cases

By offering maximum protection, the corrugated cases prove to be much stronger than regular cardboard boxes, They provide stable cushioning to any kind of product and therefore are completely safe to be used during shipping and handling.

They also keep the inside contents safe by acting like a protective layer and keeping moisture and bacteria away. Corrugated cases vary in size and thickness according to their purpose.

  1. Corrugated Boxes Offer Better Customization

To fit your business and personal requirements, corrugated boxes can be easily customized by offering variations in sizes and shapes.

  1. Corrugated Boxes Are Renewable

Corrugated boxes are made from paper pulp and timber from pine trees. They can also be created from woodchips and residues from paper-making processes. 70% to 100% of corrugated boxes can also be made from recycled materials.

Corrugated Boxes for Packaging

  1. Light Weight

Heavy packaging tends to increase the cost of shipping and with its lightweight approach, corrugated boxes prove to be cost-effective while making the process a lot easier. However, lightweight does not mean weak, because they are among the stronger options that the packaging industry offers.

  1. Biodegradable

The importance of staying environmentally friendly in today’s time can not be overlooked. Corrugated boxes stand tall in that aspect and as they are made from recycled materials they offer eco-friendly green packaging and are also very easily disposable.

  1. Offer Flexibility

You can create corrugated boxes in a variety of sizes and options such as single, double, or triple walled according to the need for protection. According to the kind of item you want to pack, you can choose to customize them with their flexible approach.

Above we have mentioned all the reasons why corrugated boxes might be the perfect choice for your business and personal needs. Being sensitive to the environment is long due in the current world and even if today we fail to make sensible choices then the future may not be very bright for us. To take a step towards a greener comapny you can look up ecommerce packaging companies like Atlantic eCommerce Packaging and start enjoying the reward that comes from using corrugated boxes.

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  1. Tammie Houston says:

    I love that corrugated boxes are made of recycled materials, as an environmentalist, things being eco-friendly is always a plus for me. I’m planning on selling a few custom mugs made out of bamboo and other organic materials online and am on the lookout for packaging material that I can use when sending them to my buyers. I’ll have to look into getting custom corrugated boxes as they seem to be just what I’m looking for.

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