Cartoon Marketing: 10 Reasons Why You Should Use It In Advertising

In this digital age, advertising has become challenging for businesses due to high competition. Every business is searching for innovative marketing ideas.

Marketers nowadays use cartoon video marketing in their advertisements to deliver their message effectively. After immense success in the entertainment world, cartoons have become influential in advertising.

Cartoon videos have revolutionized digital marketing and determined the pre-digital age of commercial animation.

Cartoon Marketing: 10 Reasons Why You Should Use It In Advertising

Cartoon video used to be a relatively expensive marketing tool but became cost-effective due to high-tech advancements. Nowadays, not just large organizations but small companies also use cartoon videos for advertisement.

The emergence of cartoon animation allows businesses to enhance their results cheaper and faster. The marketing power of cartoon video is now accessible to any company that wants to improve its advertisement.

Enough of this chit-chat; let’s look into this blog; we will discuss the reasons why you should opt for cartoon marketing for effective advertising.

It is highly effective in Increasing Audience Attention

Marketers believe that people buy from those brands that offer them an ideal product to solve their problems. However, a few essential phases exist before you use cartoon video for advertising a product to the audience. Here is how you can plan your strategy:

  • You should grab the audience’s attention
  • Then, you can offer a solution to their problem
  • As a result, you engage the audience
  • Then you can showcase how your product or service is helping customers, which justifies the price.

Most companies fail at step one. Customers’ attention is the most valuable thing, but the attention span of people has become short. It is challenging to get the attention of customers.

We cannot blame the audience for that, though. It is how the brain of every human works.

Various distractions surround modern customers with devices such as smartphones. You need an influential tool like a cartoon video to enhance your advertising.

Cartoon video marketing is the best way to beat the attention span. Remember that your objective is to catch the customers’ attention and influence their buying behavior.

You can answer all Customer Queries with a Short Video

Suppose that you come to a website of a software house. You want to learn about the softwares and its benefits, but you don’t have enough time to read all the information on the website. Here a video can work best.

Videos can simplify the complex concepts and make them easy to understand for viewers than textual data. A 2-minute video is the best way to cover valuable information and entice attention in those worthy moments.

A viewer gets all the answers in just 120 seconds, and now, the most likely user will go to the next phase of the customer journey.

Improves Brand Awareness

According to marketers, video advertising is the most preferred way customers use to find the best brand. Companies use cartoon video marketing on TikTok and Instagram to get a competitive edge over the brands that offer the same product or service.

Boost your Sales and Revenue

According to stats shown by Wyzowl, cartoon videos influence the entire sales funnel. E.g., 84% of companies consider it a boosting tool in lead generation. 43% of organizations see that the support calls traffic decreases when they embed an explainer video on their website.

Moreover, cartoon video advertising increases the return on investment. It will be wise to add a cartoon video to enhance your marketing strategy.

Boost your Sales and Revenue with cartoon marketing

Cartoon video Fun Element Engages the Audience

These videos include fun elements and an engaging way of delivering the message. People prefer simplicity in ads and will consider your brand if they understand it easily.

Cartoon characters in videos allow you to explain the most complex service and product more effectively. So, cartoon video characters can make your idea easy to digest.

3M corporation in research has revealed that the human brain understands visual content 60,000 times quicker than plain text. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

It is Budget Friendly

You might be thinking, what does the 3D animated video cost? When people understand the ROI benefits, this question arises in their minds. Cartoons are one of the most cost-efficient tools and don’t need too much time for production. Moreover, these videos are highly appealing, even if people create them under a limited budget.

When we compare it with live-action videos, there is a considerable difference between them. But it is not possible if you are thinking of saving your budget on live-action video production.

The reason is that in live-video production, you need to hire people and rent equipment and a place for the shoot. You cannot manage all these things on your own.

In cartoon videos, the process is easy. You need to hire an animation agency that will nurture your idea in a creative video. However, you can save your budget on rent places, decorations, actors and equipment.

Prices of cartoon videos are very reasonable and flexible, and prices vary on the timeline you can give to an agency for production, animation complexity and video length.

Why use cartoon characters in Advertising?

Why use cartoon characters in Advertising?

Viewers purchase your product or service when they understand, but first, you must ensure they feel understood. Cartoon characters represent people’s lives beautifully.

These characters make it easy for the audience to associate with the cartoon character. The results will be more effective if customers face the same issues and problems in real life.

This way, marketers can trigger the viewers’ buying behavior more easily. People use cartoon characters to explain even sensitive topics without being boring. Video cartoon characters are highly effective at explaining the harsh reality more gently.

So, when people feel emotionally attached to the character, they watch the full video and understand your message quickly. Now you can engage them and influence their buying behavior with your communication strategy.

People feel affection for cartoon characters. This benefit of cartoon videos catches the audience’s attention.

Firstly, cartoon characters remind us of our carefree childhood years. It recalls our past, something that brings beautiful memories. Secondly, cartoon characters include fun elements and are the best way to express emotions.

Ample Opportunities for Customization

People always evaluate the quality of products or services by judging the advertisement of a brand. Cartoon videos can be an effective tool in your next marketing campaign. It enhances your communication with customers, audience, and prospects.

Everything depends on the concept and your imagination! A cartoon is always created according to the idea of a company. Therefore, these characters are always unique. Animators make a video from scratch. It allows people to create an image and character and build a story in numerous engaging ways.

Cartoon videos allow you to customize the video according to your concept. These videos assist you in explaining the advantages and key features. Therefore, you can use cartoon video marketing to grab unlimited opportunities. So, create a video that will make a long-lasting impact on your audience.

Make Every Complex Concept Easy with Engaging Visuals

No matter what organization you represent, you have some complicated products or services that you want to promote. How do you present them in an easy-to-understand way? Take help through cartoon video marketing.

The beauty of cartoon videos is that it includes metaphors to portray situations. Metaphors help explain the complicated concepts more effectively without hidden stories or images.

It might be enough for your customers to understand everything with a visual illustration. You can demonstrate how your product works with a step-by-step guide.

Where to share Videos for Marketing?

Where to share Videos for Marketing?

Finally, you get your video done, and the next step is where to share it? Post on multiple platforms. You can publish a creative cartoon video on any platform where your target audience is present:

  • Reddit
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Quora
  • TikTok

When you publish your video online, wait for the surprising results. The more people view your video, they like and share them, which will increase your reach to the next level. People love cartoon videos, and they will repost and republish your videos.

In a Nutshell

Cartoon video marketing can build your brand image. However, create a high-quality video with an engaging story and pure voiceover. If you don’t have expertise in video animation, this top 10 animated explainer video companies will

You can achieve your business objectives by outsourcing your video creation to a professional animation company. A professional animation team and illustrators can craft your idea into an innovative video.

If you are not using cartoon video marketing, this is the right time to incorporate it into your marketing plan. Companies are using video advertising to attract their audience. So, it will give your brand a competitive edge over others and enhance your sales.

Moreover, you can use video advertising to increase your brand awareness and tap the new customer segments. In this challenging market environment, it is essential to attract new and potential customers and retain the existing customers.

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