How to Make Money Online Selling eBooks

It is no longer news that a lot of people are making money online selling eBooks. The internet has made it possible for anyone from anywhere to create massive wealth online selling eBooks. If writing is a passion for you, then this is the right business idea you should sit down and consider very well.

Starting an online business selling eBooks has made a lot of people rich, and a lot more are still generating massive wealth to date. Here are a few reasons why you should consider this online business idea;

  • It is Easy to Get Started

With just a laptop and a topic you want to write on, you are good to go. It cost little to nothing to create an eBook. You don’t need a well-designed website to sell your eBook. All you need is just a sales page connected to a payment system like PayPal.

  • Great Source of Passive Income

Selling eBooks is a great source of passive income. Once you have created your eBook, you can sell it as many times as you want. You only get to spend time creating your eBook. Once you are done, you just create a sales page with a good sales copy, connect it to a payment system, drive traffic to the page and sit back and enjoy daily passive income.

  • It is a Global Business

With selling eBook as a business, you are not limited to just selling to people in your country or location. It is a digital product that can be distributed electronically. You can reach any target audience worldwide. You can market your eBook to the entire world.

Alright, enough said. So, how can you make money online selling eBooks?

How to Make Money Online Selling eBooks

  1. Decide on a Title

The first thing you need to do is to come up with a title for your eBook. The title will determine who the eBook will be for. But before then, make sure you do some research to find out if people are searching for information related to what you want to write on. You don’t want to write a book that nobody will be interested in.

One way to conduct research is to join Facebook groups related to the niche you want to write on. Join the groups, sit back and watch what people are posting. Make a post related to what you want to write and see how people engage with the post. You can also create a poll on the titles you have in mind and get people to tell you what they like.

Amazon is another good place to conduct your research. You can search for books related to what you want to write about. Look at the books that appear top with more than 4 start ratings. These are the books people are buying.

Look at the titles of the top 5 books that appear when you hit the search button. This should give you ideas of how to come up with a good title for your eBook.

  1. Write Your eBook

After you have decided on the title for your eBook, the next thing is to create your outline and jump straight into writing your book. All you need is Microsoft Word. When you are done, you convert it into PDF.

Whether it is a fiction or non-fiction book, make sure your book provides value to your readers. That way, when you release another book, it won’t be difficult to market to your audience.

  1. Design a Cover

This is where the marketing starts. Sometimes the look of your book affects the sales. Your eBook cover must have a good visual design to get people glued to it. You can create a cover design for your eBook using photo sites like Canva. Canva is a very good website used by many and you can get this done even with their free plan.

But, if you are not good with design, then you should outsource it to a graphic designer. You can source for a graphic designer using Fiverr or Upwork. You can luckily get someone who will do it for less than $10.

  1. Market Your eBook

Now, there are two ways you can market your eBook to create passive income for yourself. You can either sell your eBook yourself using a sales page and driving targeted traffic to it, or you can upload your eBook on online book stores like Amazon and Smashwords to leverage on their audience.

Selling through either Amazon or Smashwords comes with terms and conditions. You only get some percentage from each sale of your eBook. This is because they are helping you host it and showing it to their readers. To boost sales, you can drive traffic to the page by telling your friends and family members to go purchase the eBook and leave good reviews.

The more sales you get with good reviews and ratings, the more your eBook goes higher in the list of bestselling eBooks in your niche.

But, if you consider selling your eBook yourself, you get to keep all the profit from every sale you make. Nobody takes any commission. But there is a lot involved.

You will need to have a sales page, come up with a very good sales copy (if you can’t write one, it means you will need to hire a copywriter), run Facebook ads to drive traffic to your sales page.

If you don’t have an idea of how to run Facebook ads, you will still need to outsource it to an expert to do it for you.

Although it involves spending money, this is the route most people take and there are also generating 6 figure sales with it.

You can also do both. Upload your book on any of the self-publishing sites and sell your eBook yourself. It will help maximize cashflow for you.


You can make a living selling eBooks. Many people are doing it all over the world. If you are a coach or consultant, selling eBooks is one way to generate income from people who can’t afford your coaching or consulting session.

The more eBooks you write, the more income you generate for yourself. Writing 5 eBooks means having 5 sources of income for you.

Don’t you want that for yourself? It could be the start of your journey to becoming a 6-figure online entrepreneur.

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