Where Does Nigerians Interest Truly Lie?

At the just concluded Google For Nigeria Conference held in Lagos, Nigeria, Mr. Marvin Chow, the vice president of Google made a startling revelation to the audience when he laid bare the Most Searched Keywords in Nigeria this year.

One will think that considering the problem currently engulfing the nation including but not limited to leadership problems, economic problems and the forth coming general election, one could find most people searching for keywords related to leadership, how to make money, how to acquire new skills and be self dependent, how to join a political party etc but NO, our interest is mostly none of those.

From Mr. Chow’s revelation, most Nigerians are interested in things that suggest they still wish to be dependent on the government, they want to learn more about the latest music or dance styles or the latest movie.

Below are few of the most searched keywords in Nigeria this year;

Wizkid Soco


How to dance Shaku Shaku

Who is the richest musician in Nigeria

World Cup fixtures


Prepare banga soup

Black panthar

How to tie gele


Nigerians interest

Isn’t it funny where most Nigerians interest lies?

From the above listed keywords, I can only pick one that can put food on your table if learnt very well on Youtube and that is “how to tie gele”.

What this Implies

Does that mean that Nigerians are happy with the state of the nation?

From this revelation, it could be deduced that most Nigerian youths which constitute the larger number of internet users in Nigeria does not in all sincerity wish to be involved in the leadership of the nation, still want to be dependent on the peanuts coming from the government.

But how come on social media it looks as if everyone is interested in the leadership of this nation?

Statistics does not lie.

The same way many young people condemn s*x related topics on social media but are greatly involved and search for topics as well as watch videos related to s*x  in their closest, that is what is seen in this statistics.

The search report also shows the level of unemployment in the country and as such pushed young graduates to depend on governments’ Npower program to sustain themselves.

As a nation, we can never grow positively if we continue like this.

The education system in Nigeria is greatly not helping matters as graduates are tutored towards being dependent unlike what is obtainable in most Asian, Europe and American countries. Some renowned educationist have come out to say that the education curriculum in Nigeria is obsolete.

I therefore urge Nigeria teeming youths to have a rethink if they truly wish to see a better Nigeria tomorrow. Avoid channeling your energy towards things that are of no value but focus on things that can help you achieve greatness. Focus on making sure your leaders are accountable, say no to political thuggery and ensure you play a role in electing your leaders.

At the conference, Google announced the launching of Google Station in Nigeria. Google Station is a free and high quality internet WIFI service sponsored by Google

Francis Nwokike


Francis Nwokike

Francis Nwokike is a Social Entrepreneur and an experienced Disaster Manager. I love discussing new business trends and marketing tips. I share ideas and tips that will help you grow your business.

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  1. Bestnaija Forum says:

    This also shows the very bad orientation and value system of majority youths.

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