The Short Jack Ma Story and the Secret behind his Success

Jack Ma Story (THE BRAVE ONE)

Short Jack Ma Story in Video (Read the section below)

Read these short answers from Jack Ma, CEO Alibaba Group and one of China’s richest Entrepreneurs.

His story is really an inspiring one. It’s more like grass to grace story.

I share this information to inspire someone out there feeling depressed that things are not working out fine for them or that the opportunity to survive is not there.

Jack Ma had a very poor background, could barely speak English but he knew what he wanted, he was never deterred by his many failures nor rejections. He believed in himself, equipped himself with enough knowledge by reading lots of books of interest. Learned how to cope with failure, strongly believe in empowering others and today he is widely celebrated.

That could also be your story someday if you never give up.

The short sections were created by CNBC the interview was titled the Brave One.

What was your family background like?

Believe it or not, I was born in a very normal, poor family.

What was the moment that shaped your life?

My city Hangzhou was one of the first cities that opened to the west. I learned English by being a tour guide for American tourists.

What inspired you?

I came to America in 1995 and I learned about Microsoft and IBM, you know all these ideas of entrepreneurs inspired me.

What advice do you have for your younger self?

I read lots and lots of failure stories, not because I want to avoid mistakes, but because I want to know when you fail, how to deal with it.

What’s your advice for future brave ones?

When you do business, don’t worry about the competition. There’s nowhere in this world there is no competition. You have to get used to it.

What does being brave mean to you?

When you have money, spend the money supporting more people. When you have power, empower others. The thing I got today, does not belong to me.

To your success.

Video Created by CNBC

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