A Guide to Choosing an Office Clearance Service

Are you planning for an office clearance? If you are, the chances are you are going to throw some furniture and office junk. The problem may be; where do you start from? Well, this article will help guide you through the process. Nevertheless, everything you need to know falls under the following four points: –

  • Clarify what you need
  • When do you need your office cleared?
  • What furniture can be reused
  • Choose a specialized contractor or office clearance company

To share more insight on this topic, we spoke to experts from Coin Clearances, an office removal service located in the Cotswolds and we discussed some of the considerations when choosing an office clearance service with them. Here’s what we came up with;

Choosing an Office Clearance Service

1. Clarify What You Need

Before you even think of contacting a professional office clearance service, it is important to decide what you want to remove. Although this point may sound straightforward, people often forget to do this and contact clearing firms first. The reason for identifying what you want to be removed first is; that it will put you in a better position in determining who is best for the removal.

2. When Do You Need The Office Cleared? (This Is All About Timing)

Mapping out the timing for when you need your office cleared is important as it will help you towards reorganizing the office again. Therefore, it would be wise to know the time it will take (often based on the office size and junk size). The good thing is that a clearance company is in a better position to help provide a time estimation. Remember, this is calculated based on how long physically it takes to do the task. For example, ½ a day for a full lorry load. Your availability plays an important role in the whole process.

3. What Furniture Can Be Reused

If office furniture is in good condition and you have space, you can choose to reuse them. If you make such a decision, you are advised to have them taken away. Do not forget, you can then in sales or donation.

  • Donation option 

Donating reusable furniture to charity, commercial organization, or a person directly. There is no magic way of deciding on who or why – it all depends on your preferred candidate. Today, there are so many charity organizations that specialize in second-hand office furniture. For example, in London, the most famous of them are the Barnet Furniture Centre and TCL Reuse Centre.

You can also try online platforms like Freecycle and Froogle. You can also post them on Love Junk at £10 or £20 to help cover the transportation expenses of the person picking them up.

  • The Sale Option 

The second-hand market for office furniture is stronger and larger than the second-hand market for domestic furniture. That is because many upcoming businesses are constantly looking for ways to save some money on furniture, and that is why they often prefer going for second-hand options. For example, assuming that you have more than 20 desks and chairs that are identical to one another, your chances of selling them are high compared to a single unit of about 3 desks.

You can either sell your furniture through marketplaces like eBay or offline to a specified dealer. London Business Removals and Evans Office Furniture are good examples of offline specialized dealers located in London.

4. Choosing A Specialized Contractor Or Office Clearance Company

Even after selling or donating some furniture, surely some will be leftover. Under this circumstance, it would be wise to hire a licensed waste contractor to remove and dispose of the items for you. These are contractors known by several names like rubbish clearance business, office clearance firm, and man & van clearance company. It does not matter the name, they all do the same job (specializing in bulky waste removal and focusing on disposing of the items correctly).

Therefore, if you have a lot of furniture and some can be reused, it is worth calling an office clearance specialist. The price for the service differs based on the quantity of staff you have. For example, if you do not have a lot, it is more likely going to be cheaper. In other words, size matters. For this reason, if you have a lot of stuff, attempt to have them removed in one go. Doing this has an impact on the economic side of things. The only limitation to this is when you have something that is not ordinary. For example, a very luxurious boardroom table and seats or a commercial fridge.

What should you consider when choosing a clearance firm or contractor? Well, below are a few tips to follow: –

Licensing: It is important to ensure the firm is licensed by relevant authorities. In other words, it is wise to ensure the company holds a waste collector license. To check if the firm is licensed or if it has a waste carrier’s license here. Do not forget to apply the 4 ‘R’s, which are references, resources, rapport, and rate.

  • References – It is wise to go through the waste company’s reviews. There is wisdom in checking or going through their references. Doing this will help you know if they are highly recommended when the references were posted, and other relevant information like if they have ever handled an office clearance in the past.
  • Resources – Before booking a service, it is wise to know if the company has the resources needed for the job. Does the company have enough staff? When you call them to inquire about the service, do they sound like they know what they are on about? The idea behind this is to ensure that the job will be done by professionals who can maintain a high level of professionalism.
  • Rapport – An office clearance can go smoothly without any problems. However, you may encounter a problem along the way, and you need to be sure that the company you have hired can easily solve the issue.
  • Rate – It is important to know what they will charge for the office clearance service. To better estimate the cost, there are some questions you can ask. A few examples of these questions include asking what they charge, what is their rate per van load, and others. It would be wise to also ask the total cost they think they can take to clear your office. Finally, you may choose to have a professional come in and provide a proper price estimate or quote. Remember, sometimes cheap is expensive. It is better to know the total cost rather than a single load carried.

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