Best Business Ideas for Festive Periods

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Do you know that festive periods are a good time to start some particular kind of business and make good money?

If you are willing to start a business with little capital and with the assurance that the business will surely succeed, then you will need to take advantage of various business ideas that can be started during festive periods.

For the business-minded individuals, festive periods present a lot of opportunities to make extra income as a lot of people think of having fun irrespective of what it will cost them.

While most people see festive periods as an opportunity to spend money for celebration, entrepreneurs see it as an opportunity to make more money.

Festive periods present huge business opportunities for smart entrepreneurs who are ready to grab them while it last. As a smart entrepreneur, you can make money during festive periods with a little creativity of surveying your environment and thinking of how you can make money from targeted customers.

In this post, I want to share with you my top 7 best business ideas for festive periods that you can start even with little capital. There are 101 business ideas that you can start during festive periods but these 7 proves to be more profitable and easy to start.

Top Business Ideas for Festive Periods

  1. Gift Basket

Festive periods are period of celebration where people are exchanging gifts items with gift baskets as people see it as a period of giving.

If you can weave beautiful gift baskets, then you can make a lot of money either selling it empty to gift items stores or selling it with gift items inside.

To sell your gift basket with gift items inside, you just need to visit a grocery or food store, buy various foods, fruits and drinks, and place them nicely inside the baskets.

To make it more attractive, use gift wraps to wrap your baskets. After that, you are ready to hit the market and start making money from your business. You can sell to office workers, business owners with staff who might want to share gifts to their workers, and people around you.

To create a kind of uniqueness with your gift basket business, you can niche your gift items to a particular market audience. You can decide to make gift baskets only for females or males only.

For females, you will need to buy female items like pads, perfume, makeup kits and other things female will like.

The spicier (mixed with foods, fruit, chocolate sweets, bottled beverages and wine) your basket, the more attractive it will be and the more your customers will likely want to patronize your business.

The good thing about this business is that the profit margin is mouth-washing as you will have to add money to each item inside the basket to make up your profit. To make more profit, buy your food, fruits and drinks in bulk or at wholesale price.

  1. Organize Entertainment Shows

This is a period of celebration and people would love to be present at where the fun is happening live. Smart entrepreneurs can take advantage of festive periods to organize musical shows either for children or adults only where people will have to pay a fair gate fee to come in and enjoy themselves.

If you know how to organize events or you can team up with a musical band, you can organize a concert in your community or city with great artists coming to perform. People will be happy to pay to enter your show as far as it promises to be fun and groovy.

  1. Sell Clothes

This is another business idea for festive periods that any smart entrepreneur can venture into and make lots of cash. If you have not observed before, most boutique owners record unusual increase in patronage during festive periods.

Everybody want to look good during festive periods as it is a general tradition to always buy new clothes during festive periods.You can start a mobile clothes business and sell to people in your church, your family members, friends and make good amount of money.

  1. Sell Children’s Toys

Children toys sell very well during Christmas season. Toys are stuff that kids are never tired of and so parents usually use Christmas periods to surprise their kids with beautiful toys.

This business is very easy to put up as children’s toys are cheap and profitable. To boost sales, you will need to buy toys of popular cartoons, playhouses, robots and dolls.

  1. Design and Sell Christmas Cards

The Christmas period is a period where people give out Christmas cards to family members, friends and love ones.You can buy beautiful cards online or at any wholesale stores and sell to your friends, co-workers and family members.

If you are creative, you can create your own Christmas card, write some lovely words or poems and put them up for sale. You can design them either by hand or with a computer and make your money.

If this business idea sings well with you, I will advise that you start designing some Christmas and new year cards now in preparation for the next celebration.

  1. Jewelries

This is a business idea for ladies mostly. If you have always lovedto start a jewelry business, then the next festive period should be your period to kick-start your jewelry business.

Women always want to get jewelries for their daughters, the young ladies want to get new jewelries for themselves so they can look good to their spouse, some husbands want to surprise their wives by getting beautiful jewelries for them.

As you can see, the festive period is really a good time to launch a jewelry business. To grow your business and boost sales, you will need to advertise it onvarious social media platforms that you are a member in or build an online store to sell them.

  1. Liquor Business

You will agree with me that more liquors are drunk during festive periods than in any other period. Some drink it to keep themselves warm and others to celebrate with friends and loved ones.

Guys will always look for where to buy liquor to drink and celebrate with their buddies. People want to pop champagne as a way of expressing their status. Though the business does not have lot of patronage like other businesses, but it thus brings in quick bucks for you during festive periods.

So, there you have it. These are my top 7 best business ideas that you can start in any festive periods and make cool cash for yourself.

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