Call Center Improvement Strategies That Work: 4 Ways to Use Data and Win

Call Center Improvement Strategies That Work

Each phone call you receive into your call center presents another opportunity to improve on your customer relations. Acquiring large amounts of data is overwhelming, but it’s what you do with it that will make you stand out from your competitors. It can also allow you to see the areas that need work to address the issues sooner rather than later.

In a recent study conducted by Microsoft, 61% of customers said they stopped using a specific business because of poor customer service. A whopping 90% felt that companies should allow customers the chance to deliver feedback. It’s clear that people value the service they receive, and offering this in a superior way will elevate you above the competition.

A Better Experience

Whenever you’re looking for strategies to improve your operation, you’re moving another step closer to a happy and satisfied customer. There already exist companies tailor-made to help you improve your business’s inner workings. For example, If you check NICE inContact options for yourself, you’ll be able to see the ways they’re aiming to enhance the user’s one-on-one experience.

Here are some call center improvement strategies you can apply from data available.

Improve Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Call centers accumulate a vast amount of data, and actually putting it to some use will allow you to improve how your operation functions. You need to set specific processes to enable your analysts to determine the best funnel to optimize this information.

You should ensure that only data that allows you to track patterns and trends are collected. This can be monitored using analyzing tools that measure both quantitative and qualitative information. The more you combine different analytics, the greater your chances are of reaching an accurate result.

There’s also a range of different metrics at your disposal that you can use to compare to see how each matches up. Utilizing these and recognizing how they influence your customer’s journey will provide you with a bigger picture of what they’re experiencing.

Enhance Your Insight

This refers to the insight you have on your current customer base. The more you know about them, the more personalized the service you can offer. Having an idea of a client’s preferences can also change how your agents engage with them. They need to have access to any previous interactions with the customer, like email correspondences and any documented grievances.

All this information can then be used by call center support to cater personally to the caller and avoid things that might have caused issues the previous times. Doing this will enhance the quality of the interaction between the service representative and the caller, improving their overall impression of the business.

Another platform you can use to better understand your customer’s experience is through online reviews and social media interactions. People tend to boast about excellent service and vent about terrible ones. Keep an eye on what’s being said about your brand on popular platforms and show clients that you care by engaging with them in a meaningful manner.

Interactive Voice Response

These phone systems allow humans to interact with a computer to navigate a prerecorded set of menu options. They’re handy and can save time, as previously, an employee would have to direct the calls to the correct department. They can also be tweaked to fit a specific company, making them an excellent tool to gather information.

Since call-center contacts are recorded, they can offer a plethora of data on the client’s behavior during the interaction. The information gleaned from the IVR system is valuable regardless of whether the customer is an expert or wholly new to the concept.

A significant advantage of the interactive voice response system is that it can handle and effectively manage high inward volumes. It can automatically direct callers to agents who have finished with other customers, and some systems even allow agents to return the client’s calls. This feature can drastically reduce wait times for those phoning in and improve your company’s image.

IVR also offers a place for customers to get immediate support when they’re facing an issue. They can often resolve the problem themselves without speaking with an agent, saving both them and the company valuable time. It also allows clients to be directed to the correct departments from the get-go, ensuring they don’t spend unnecessary time explaining their problem to the wrong person.

These systems also allow you to prioritize those customers who have a higher value to the company. They can quickly be transferred to the agent most qualified to meet their needs or be put in the front of the queue if all your service staff are busy. Thus making sure the company doesn’t lose a valuable client.

Proper Training


The way you speak to customers has a massive impact on how they view the experience they’ve had with your company. A rude agent can ruin the relationship they have with you, and that’s one of the reasons recording calls is so important. They offer a digital record that can be analyzed for its shortcomings and which other staff members can learn from.

This data can provide insight into your staff’s world and help improve the way your agents are trained and coached. Monitoring calls in this way also allows you to see what strengths and weaknesses your service people have so that they can be put through to the best person.

Managers and supervisors should offer training to agents as often as possible to ensure that they keep up their techniques. In turn, your managers and supervisors should also receive training regularly so that they’re aware of any new developments in the industry.

The call center should also foster an environment where staff members can learn from each other on every level. Not only will this boost the confidence of the agents, but the insights offered by those who aren’t in your position can prove invaluable.

To Wrap it Up

The accumulation of data at a call center is inevitable, so why not make the most of it and actually use it to improve your company so that you can stand out from others in the market. By reading and understanding the analytics, introducing an IVR, and ensuring the proper training of staff, you’ll be able to provide the best possible customer service.

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