Best Strategies To Grab Client Attention With Social Media

The National Association of Realtors found in a recent survey that 99% of millennials start searching for homes online. If you’re not making the most of your email and social media marketing, you may be missing out on 99% of your potential real estate clients. Take a look at the best strategies to grab client attention with social media and using real estate email marketing templates.

Best Strategies To Grab Client Attention With Social Media

Use the Right Platform

It can seem like new social media platforms come out every day. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the number of ways to reach your clients and connect with potential buyers and sellers, it’s time to focus on a few key platforms. Weigh the pros and cons of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other highly used sites. Focus on one or two to ensure you’re consistently posting quality content.

You won’t find a perfect platform. There are pros and cons to each one and a lot of overlap between them. Work with one that you’ve had the most success with or ask a design team about the benefits of each platform before joining one or focusing your attention on one.

Tell Stories

A powerful way to create memorable content is to tell stories. Don’t just promise to connect buyers with their dream home, but share stories where you’ve already done it. Ask permission to share photos and stories of happy home buyers in ideal neighborhoods. These little snippets can make powerful emotional connections with other buyers looking for the same experience.

Share Industry News

Show that you’re up-to-date on the latest industry news with your real estate social media posts. There are many reports, surveys, and other sources of information that track, explain, and attempt to predict trends in the market. Staying on top of or ahead of the latest trends gives you the confidence to work with motivated buyers and sellers.

Promote Images

A short description of a home won’t cut it. Help your sellers make a quick and lucrative sale by posting breathtaking images of their homes. Highlight the best features of a home or neighborhood with professional photography. A single picture may be all it takes for a buyer to fall in love with a property, so brush up on your photography skills or work with a professional to make the most of your listings and social media posts.

Stay Up-To-Date on Listings

Few things are more embarrassing than leaving up old listings. Keep your social media up to date with the latest information about your current listings. Don’t leave buyers guessing whether a home is available on your feed, but maintain current listings and updated information on interest, open houses, and other events.

Get More Out of Your Social Media Marketing

Managing your social media accounts can be a time-consuming process. If you’re feeling weighed down with your social strategy, content calendar, and other tasks, find out how using real estate marketing templates can help. Work with an industry-leading design team to update your social strategy and make social media work for you.

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