Common Laptop Buying Mistakes You Should Avoid

Common Laptop Buying Mistakes You Should Avoid

Are you thinking about buying a new laptop for yourself? Do you know the spec and configuration to buy? Are you looking for the best available features? While getting all the top features can be one of your top priorities, there is more that you should consider before making the final decision about the laptop.


The technicians of Ask Computers feel that you can buy a laptop that comes with the top features but you have to make sure that you can use those features. So, instead of running behind a feature-rich laptop, you should buy one that suits your requirements perfectly.


To make sure that you don’t make the common laptop buying mistakes that most buyers tend to make frequently, read on.


Buying The Cheapest Option

There is no doubt that budget is one of the major factors that determine the quality of laptop you buy. While there are many exceptional budget laptops available in the market, it does not mean all of them are suitable to meet your requirements. Most of them do not even have features that are necessary for your job.


Take choosing between the quad-core and the dual-core processor laptop for example. Let’s say you need to run different types of applications at the same time. But you chose the dual-core processor because it comes cheap. In this way, you got stuck with a machine that is not as powerful as you need your laptop to be. However, once you have made that choice, you have to work with that crutch until it’s time to buy another laptop for you.


So, instead of jumping right to the cheapest available machine, you should think about your requirement first. Only then you will be able to buy the best possible laptop for yourself.


Paying Too Much

Contrarily, some customers often suffer from the problem of paying far too much for their machines. Meaning, they often buy a laptop that comes with features they will never use. Paying money for the hardware or the features that you would never use is nothing but wasting your money.


The basic rule of making sure that you are not buying an extravagant machine is to check if the high configuration will be put to use. Think about your purpose of buying the laptop first and then decide whether you should invest in the machine you wish to buy.


Buying A Laptop for Today

Are you obsessed about getting the latest tech right away? If you are, then we have nothing to tell you. However, if that’s not the case, then you should follow this gold advice.


Every new laptop lasts at least for a couple of years, and probably more if you take care of it. That means if you choose a laptop that only satisfies the requirements of today, then you might be wasting your money. Instead of buying the machine that exclusively serves your requirements, you should try to buy the one that supports your growth in the next couple of years.


Ignoring Compatibility and Ports

Before making decisions about the laptop, you should know that all of them do not come with all the ports that you need. So, before investing in a laptop, make sure that it matches your compatibility and port specifications perfectly.


Going for Highest Available Resolution

The device that offers 4K display requires more than that of a cursory glance. However, it is not always the right choice for you. The smaller screens often do not let you enjoy the benefits of the higher resolution. The worst part is that the 4K screens can have a bigger impact on the battery life of your device. Unless you are buying the laptop fit for the high-end gaming, I’ll recommend you to stick to the 1080p. It will save your battery life as well as your pocket.


Not Trying

We know that it is not always possible to try a laptop before buying it, but if it is, then you should always grab the opportunity. You might have to visit the brick and mortar stores for getting that test drive, but that trip will be worth it.


This simple testing will help you to understand the slightest difference of features from one machine to the next, and help you choose the device that suits your requirements perfectly.


If you think you can’t do that, then buy the laptop from the online store that comes with a strong return policy.


Thinking that The Size Does Not Matter

If you think that the size does not matter, you are wrong. When it comes to the laptop, the size of the machine matters. The bigger display often allows for a better and more expansive viewing experience. However, it reduces portability severely. So, think about your usage style thoroughly before choosing the laptop.


There is no doubt that buying a laptop from Ask Computers is a complex affair. However, if you do that with due care, you can land yourself a great machine. Read the reviews about the laptop and check their performance quality before making the final payments.

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  1. Phyllis A Keene says:

    I purchased a Lenova Chromebook in Feb. 2021. I bought it to write comedy sets. do Zoom shows, be a virtual guest on TV talk shows, take workshops, attend writers groups, start writing a book & maybe more. It seemed ok, but it kept telling me I had the wrong password. I thought it was just me. The night of the zoom show I had to sign on as guest, sign up again, it was ready. At the time I was to be on early, I could NOT GET IN LAPTOP OR ONLINE. I had to do a professional stand up comedy show on my cell phone. I contacted Lenova, I don’t want to buy a new laptop that i need to fix the flaws. they had these flaws in 2020. They need to recall & fix flaws. My sister bought a new HP laptop . I try to sign in & it will not accept the passwords either. Supposedly this is a Microsoft 10 error. Why can’t the companies sell a good working product or recall, COMPANIES NEED TO FIX THE FLAWS. I wouldn’t buy a new car & put in what it needed to run. Why are the companies allowed to sell NON WORKING LAPTOPS? It works a little, everything doesn’t work. I just want a LAPTOP THAT I DO NOT HAVE TO REPAIR TO USE PASSWORD.. CLASS ACTION should be taken. I wanted Lenova to take it back & give my money back. Walmart would not take back after 15 days. Most of us thought that we were possibly wrong on our password. Now I have an HP that I recently started using. Of course it is too late to return this too. I’m not sure but when I told my sister that the HP had similar issues, she is going to contact where she purchased it & see if they will honor any guarantee or repair it. WE DO NOT BUY NEW LAPTOPS TO REPAIR FLAWS. Maybe its time to contact the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU or the State dept.

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