3 Mistakes People Make When They Get Started with Affiliate Marketing

One of the saddest things with affiliate marketing is when people fail because they use bad techniques and then assume that affiliate marketing is a scam or doesn’t work when they don’t get results.

However, affiliate marketing remains one of the simplest and most proven ways to make money online and there are people out there making six figures as affiliates. The only thing that separates them from the rest is the effort they’re ready to put in and their knowledge. Let’s take a look at some of the mistakes people make when getting started with affiliate marketing and how to avoid them.

Mistakes People Make When They Get Started with Affiliate Marketing

Not Learning About the Model Enough Before Getting Started

Having money when starting as an affiliate can be both a gift and a curse. This means that you can afford to spend on your education and paid advertising but also that you can easily burn thousands of dollars on things that don’t work. So, take the time to learn as much as you can about affiliate marketing before you start spending money on different tactics. You don’t necessarily have to pay for your education either. There are plenty of affiliate marketing guides out there that will teach you the basics, but we suggest that you invest in at least one good course before you start. If you want to know which course would be worth it, try to join an online marketing forum or a few groups on Facebook or Reddit and ask them for suggestions. If you hear a particular name or product come back again and again, look at multiple reviews for them before you buy.

Sending People Straight to Affiliate Offers

This often happens when people just get introduced to affiliate marketing and start hearing about paid advertising methods like PPC and solo ads. They then think that they can get easy money just by posting a few cookie-cutter ads and with little to no effort.

Unfortunately, things aren’t that easy. The reason why sending people straight to affiliate offers is a bad idea is because you won’t have the time to pre-sell them, but more importantly, you will lose them forever if they decide to not make a purchase.

Instead of doing this, you need to at least set up a squeeze page you can send traffic to. Once they give you their information and allow you to contact them with express consent, you can send them the link to the product in question.

This way, you’ll be able to make money on the front and back end. If people don’t buy the first time, you can send follow-up emails or just start building a relationship with them and hopefully, they’ll buy something you recommend in the future.

Not Selling Big-Ticket Items

A lot of people get into the space and go straight to Amazon or cheap products on Clickbank thinking that they will be easier to sell. But the Amazon commissions are minuscule on most items and so are the commissions on small-ticket Clickbank items. Instead, we would suggest that you stick to expensive physical items that people routinely buy online and big-ticket courses and products if you’re going to sell digital goods.

These are some of the most common mistakes affiliate marketing beginners make, and if you manage to avoid these, you’ll already be well in front of the rest. Just make sure to learn as much as you can before you start and take baby steps.

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