9 Simple Ways to Get More Foot Traffic into Your Business

9 Simple Ways to Get More Foot Traffic into Your Business

If you have a brick-and-mortar store, it’s almost certain that you want to get more people coming through your doors. Maybe you’ve tried a few initiatives which didn’t really work or you’re worried that no one goes into physical stores anymore. You shouldn’t lose hope. While more people are shopping online, many people still like to make their purchases in-store.

Very often, an inviting atmosphere and a pleasant shopping experience can make a big difference. Of course, people won’t go into your establishment unless there’s something to draw them in. That’s where this article comes in. There are a number of simple and often relatively inexpensive tactics you can implement to get prospective customers walking into your store. Let’s look at some of them.

Simple Ways to Get More Foot Traffic into your Business

1. Use Neon Signs

Signage is an important part of any marketing plan, even if you focus a lot of your attention on digital marketing.  Neon signs may be retro, but they are still eye-catching and relevant. And, they are not just for bars which open late at night. Neon signs are popular among retail stores, restaurants and several types of service businesses. They vary from simple “open” signs to more artistic custom creations.

Since neon signs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, you have endless options from which to choose. You are certain to find one which matches your brand and your needs. Neon signs are especially attractive at night and if you think about it, it’s hard to pass one without reading it. The sign ensures people are aware of your business 24/7 without you having to do anything. Even if the store is not open, you’ll get the attention of passers-by who may return during business hours.

2. Offer a Click-and-Collect Service

Even if you sell products online, you can increase the number of shoppers coming into your physical location. Click-and-collect or in-store pick up is when customers can make their purchases online and have the products delivered to your store. When they come to pick up their package, they are highly likely to make additional purchases. Many customers like the convenience of click-and-collect and for businesses, it presents opportunities to improve customer satisfaction and manage periods of peak demand. You also get a chance to engage shoppers in person.

3. Provide Information on Local Inventory Availability

A report by Forbes Insights showed that when consumers are making major purchases, they prefer to do their research online then make their purchases in store. This dispels the myth that customers who search online are only interested in e-commerce. The truth is that if the search results provide helpful local information, consumers often make a trip to the store.

If you want more people in your establishment, you need to ensure your online presence is solid. At a minimum, you should provide a store locator on your website and provide the address and contact details for each location. However, if you can provide real-time information on the availability of each item in each store, customers will be even more pleased.

4. Create an Interesting Store Front

Your show window should tell a story and it should be inviting to people passing by. If you’re in a popular location with lots of people passing outside, you need to show them why they should come into your enterprise. An eye-catching window can inspire curiosity and even lead to impulse purchases.

You should also consider sidewalk displays if possible. If you sell large products like vehicles, you can place your most attractive model on display. If you sell plants or gardening supplies, you can create a beautiful display to show customers what they can achieve using your products. The more eyes you get on your store, the more people you can get inside.

5. Implement Email Marketing

You need to keep your customers in the loop about ongoing in-store promotions or upcoming events. One of the best ways to do so is via email. Tempt them with perks which they can only get if they come into your business. Email marketing is most effective if you target your messages to specific demographics. You can use age, gender, location, and purchase history to help you reach your ideal target audience. Remind customers about the location nearest to them so they get an extra push to visit your shop.

6. Focus on Customer Loyalty

You shouldn’t base your strategy solely on attracting new customers. You also need to focus on getting existing customers to return and bring their families and friends with them. You can host fundraisers, parties or other special events to get people through the door. This gives you an opportunity to build a closer relationship with your customers and get a better idea of how you can meet their needs. Having face-to-face interactions can help you to get feedback which you wouldn’t get online.

7. Provide Services in-Store

If your business is product-based, expanding into services can bring customers into your store more often. If you sell items which require maintenance, you should consider offering those services for free or at a low cost to encourage customers to stop by. For example, jewelry stores can offer free cleaning services or battery replacement on a particular day each month. If you ask customers to wait while you clean their pieces, they will browse the store. Even if they don’t make a purchase immediately, they may see something they want and return for it at a later date.

8. Hold Classes Related to Your Products

Most consumers want to learn about how to get the most out of the products they buy. If you offer to teach them, they’ll gladly visit your store. Retailers of makeup, cooking products and home improvement goods should find it easy to come up with classes and workshops. You can show people how to use your products correctly and as an added bonus, let them sample a few items. Holding classes gets customers in the door, gives them another opportunity to shop, and allows you to expose them to additional products. You may find it beneficial to hold these workshops on slower days or at typically slow periods during the day.

9. Partner with Other Brands or Individuals

One of the best ways to get more people into your store is to host events in partnership with organizations, experts, artists, and brands. These entities will bring their following into your location, thereby giving you access to a new market. At the same time, you’ll present your usual customers with a unique experience which adds value to their lives. You’ll also build stronger relationships with the people and organizations in your community. If you’re looking for a good way to boost foot traffic, host an artist pop-up shop, a Q&A with an expert or a fundraiser for a worthwhile cause.

Getting increased foot traffic is still possible even in this digital age. You just have to give potential customers a reason to stop by your store instead of passing by. If you reach out to existing customers with attractive in-store offers, you’ll also get them to get up off the couch and pay you a visit. As with any marketing effort, you need to focus on offering value.

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