Criminal Discretions And Your Business Career – A Second Chance?

The consequences of committing a crime can feel like the death knell for your career – especially as a business owner, where trust is so important. However, as News Week outlines, individuals with some form of record, whether felony or misdemeanor, are actually one of the best groups to hire. However, there are some barriers that are placed in the way of individuals depending on what it is they have done to attract some form of penalty. Being aware of that is key before attempting to grow a business.

Criminal Discretions And Your Business Career - A Second Chance?

Driving professions

Some businesses rely on professional driving as part of their operation, whether that’s for marketing and travel purposes or as part of the service delivery. Previous misdemeanors on the road can cause some of the most stringent restrictions on business owners and lead to the cessation of business. There are, however, caveats, and these will largely be decided by the operation of SR-22 insurance. As The Balance rightly asserts, SR-22 is a level of qualification demanded by insurers to show the competence of the driver. Rates, and applications, vary from state to state; the SR22 Insurance California charges will be uprated by 187%, whereas nearby Nevada only attracts 58%. This is a monetary concern for the business but means you can get back on the road within a business capacity.

Financial restrictions

The other major restriction to consider is those concerning financial sanctions. The SEC and its related boards are extremely motivated in their enforcement of sanctions placed against individuals, and it’s very important that business practices are kept to the exact remit given by any settlement. This doesn’t mean that a business cannot handle financial matters; it can be outsourced, with clear demarcation between the owner and the financial dealings of the business. A little analysis into how to structure your management chain will therefore be required.

Handling reputation

Perhaps most important in the long run is the reputation of you and your business. As Forbes noted, brands are built over literal decades – but can be destroyed in a matter of minutes. When you have a past with some form of indiscretion, that can create issues for consumers. The solution is to be natural. Authentic marketing is a crucial part of the solution for any business, not just one looking to actively manage its reputation, and your best shot with potential customers is to be up-front about any potential past, and why your business can be trusted. Consumers are open to change, and as reports show, are welcoming of individuals with issues in their past. Presenting a positive image of your company, and that everything is above board and accounted for, will be appreciated by customers.

A criminal or civil finding against you, or a felony or a misdemeanor, is not the end of your career. While there are challenges, and some areas of business will be made off-limits, there are options. Being open and authentic will enable you to connect with customers and show the benefits of your service.

Francis Nwokike

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