9 Ways to Get Your Salon More Organized Than Ever

Do you daydream of having a perfectly tidy and neat salon where nothing is out of place and everything is where it belongs? If you find yourself constantly cleaning up and reorganizing things so that your salon looks as put together as possible, you’re not alone. Salons are hustling and bustling all day long and messes are going to happen.


However, there are some organizational techniques that you can implement into your salon’s practices that help your space stay neat and clean — even on your busiest days. And we are going to show you how! Follow the steps below and, before you know it, your salon will be the cleanest and most organized it’s ever been.


Assess the Damage

Take a look around your salon at two different times. First, walk around the space before your salon is open to see if you notice any areas or equipment that might need some extra attention, renovation or general refreshing. Secondly, try to observe your salon during the busiest hours. You should easily be able to point out areas that tend to get messier, as well as any places that suffer from no organization. You will also get to see how organized your stylists and estheticians are and identify the kind of organizational work you will need to do.


Ways to Get Your Salon More Organized Than Ever

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Tidy Up Cluttered Areas

There will always be certain areas of the salon that are prone to clutter, like the reception area where you sell your salon’s products. Your clients pick up and rearrange these products all day, which can easily throw off any organizational structure you may have. Make sure you tidy up and clean these areas periodically throughout the day to make sure they look neat. You can also invest in new retail displays that show off your salon’s products in an organized and eye-catching way. You may also want to take a look at your salon’s storage closet. If this area is unorganized, it could lead to much more chaos inside your salon. Make sure this area is always neat so that stylists can quickly find what they need, as well as help you stay organized. Color storage racks and other salon cabinet options can make a great addition to these areas.


Out with the Old

Clutter can really hold a salon back from being organized, which is why we recommend taking inventory of your salon and ridding it of any expired products, unused tools, old equipment and damaged towels. Getting rid of the extra clutter that takes up valuable space in your salon will allow you to organize everything you actually need.


In with the New

As you purge and rid your salon of clutter and old equipment, it may be time to add some new equipment to further optimize your organization. For example, if you find your styling stations to be outdated and without storage options, invest in new salon stations that have plenty of storage space options and streamline your salon. The new equipment will not only give your salon a refreshed look, but it may also inspire your employees to stay more organized, too.


Assemble an Organization Crew

We aren’t promising you that your stylists will love this idea, but if you want your busy salon to stay organized, it could be helpful to assign a group of stylists to tidy up at the end of every night. Of course, these groups can change so that the same people aren’t stuck doing all the work. But it could be a good way to give stylists a sense of ownership in the organization process, which means they will be more invested throughout the day to keep things clean.


Rearrange Your Floor Plan

When you assess your salon for organizational flaws and you recognize that your salon’s floor plan and layout may not be conducive to organization, it may be worthwhile to change that. It’s important to have specific areas for different processes like retail, wash stations, styling stations and the processing area. If your salon doesn’t have its areas organized, this could lead to more clutter and less organization.


Add in More Organization Accessories

There are so many products and tools that clutter salons. If you find that hair tools and products are spewed everywhere, creating a messy look, it could be a wise choice to get your stylists salon trolleys so that they can compactly store everything they need. Salon trolleys cut down on the amount of clutter that’s usually left on styling stations, and they can easily move from one place to the next without creating or adding to a mess. Make sure to take advantage of the existing storage in your shampoo cabinets, color racks, and styling stations.


Get Your Salon More Organized

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Set Some Ground Rules

If you find that your staff isn’t contributing to an organized salon and, instead, you find messes everywhere, you should set some organizational ground rules. When you create these rules, make them visible in the backroom and in other high traffic areas that your stylists frequent so they are reminded to clean up after themselves.


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Hire a Cleaning Staff

As a salon owner, it’s understandable that you may be spreading yourself too thin, and your stylists may be just as busy. So if organization and cleanliness are important to you, it’s not a bad idea to hire a cleaning staff to come in weekly. Having a cleaning staff organize and tidy up your salon at the beginning of the week can totally transform the way you feel about your space.


There are always going to be busy and messy days, but the organizational work that you do will set the foundation for a perfectly streamlined salon. And if you have buy-in from your stylists, that’s only setting you up for more success in leading an organized salon. Implement some or all of these techniques to see your salon quickly transform from clutter to squeaky clean.

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