Every Entrepreneur Needs This For Adding Personnel

While growing a business, there are a few things on your checklist to complete when it comes to creating personnel files for incoming employees. As an entrepreneur with great prospects, understanding how best to hire personnel is key to your business growth.

By being organized and having all necessary documentation in one place, you can make sure the integration of new employees goes seamlessly! Here are some things every entrepreneur needs when it comes to adding personnel:

Every Entrepreneur Needs This For Adding Personnel


At the start, any personnel file should be one of the most important documents of all: the resume of the employee. Having the resume on hand ensures documented information of the employee’s former career roles, special skills, and education or training that you can reference as needed.

Offer of Employment

It is vital to ensure that the offer of employment for your new employee to join the company is kept secure in the personnel file. By having an offer of employment for reference, you can go back to the date the employee joined your company, clarify the work role assigned, and even the details of employment, such as the agreed salary and schedule.

Signed Acknowledgement of Employee Handbook

A key detail of welcoming any new employee into a company or business is ensuring they have learned about work etiquette and rules from the employee handbook of your place of business. A signed acknowledgment of the employee handbook is your employee stating they have read and agreed to the conditions listed in this manual. This is a good way to have employees engage with the rules of the workplace and be able to clarify any further questions they may have in regard to the ground rules of the company or business.

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Emergency Contacts

An often overlooked part of personnel files, a list of family and emergency contacts for any employee can provide reassurance and peace of mind in the case of any emergency. This list can allow you to contact any family members in any unexpected event that occurs in the workplace or involving employees.

Tax Documents

Any tax documents should always be in the personnel files for employees. This usually means IRS tax withholding forms, such as W-9s, which are necessary for any incoming employee to fill out before starting the job.

Performance Documents

As an employee becomes more integrated into the workplace, it is extremely helpful to have performance evaluations, self-assessments, and training/education records on hand in the personnel files. This can help keep track of the performances of all employees and can help employers evaluate what strengths and weaknesses lie in their team.

When it comes to personnel files, you should be keeping track of personal and work-related documents for all employees. Creating a personnel file for new employees can be daunting, but the documents mentioned above should help you be able to gather all the necessary information related to all individual employees who are joining your team. Creating a personnel file can be crucial to the onboarding process, and can kick off the initiation of a new team member in the workplace.

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