How To Ace The Interview Question “Why Should We Hire You”

Help! How do I answer the interview question “why should we hire you?”

Someone asked the other day. And here’s the thing:

Interviewers ask this question to decipher whether you are the best fit for the position, team, and company. In fact, the entire interview boils down to this seemingly simple question. So, the problem is, how do you ace it with a professional answer, considering you’re one out of maybe 50+ candidates?

How do you outshine other interviewees without giving in to the imposter syndrome? Are there possible ditches you need to avoid?

Well, today’s post is just for you. Read on to discover;

  1. The foolproof blueprint for creating and presenting a job-winning answer to the interview question “Why should we hire you”.
  2. Mistakes to avoid when answering “why should we hire you for this job”.
  3. 3 Why should we hire you best answer samples.
  4. 7 other related interview questions you should prepare for.

See the answer guide first.

How To Ace The Interview Question “Why Should We Hire You”

The Complete Blueprint To Creating And Presenting A Professional Answer To Ace The Interview Question “Why Should We Hire You Over Other Candidates”

Now, follow these steps:

  1. Getting A Precise And Clear Understanding Of The Position, The Company, And The Team

Start from the platform where you first spot the opening. Meticulously read the role’s description to highlight the key skills, experience, talents, and other requirements mentioned. Proceed to the company’s official website to uncover its work culture, mission, vision, and goals. Finally, move over to the “Meet The Team” page to understand what the team members have in common.

  1. Describing Yourself To Fit Into The Big Picture

Now, revisit your resume/CV to highlight the relevant skills, strengths, achievements, talents, milestones, and experience that aligns with the description of the company, team, and position as discovered in step one. Making sure your resume is properly written is key. You can use this free resume editor by adobe for that. Remember, simplicity does it because your interviewers don’t have all the time to listen to you babble on. Besides, they have other candidates to listen to, so you want to be as punchy, brief, and as professional as possible. Therefore, choose only 3-4 relevant characteristics.

  1. Supporting Your Description With Your Personal Philosophy

This addition presents you as a true expert and naturally gives you a professional tone. Briefly state your outlook on the role you are being interviewed for based on experience. Make sure this philosophy does not negatively contradict the company’s vision or identity or culture. Be careful not to come across as cocky though. If you are not so good at striking the balance between genuine confidence and show-off, watch this video to understand how to be confident without being arrogant.

  1. Closing With Gratitude, Anticipation, And Calmness

A simple “thank you” is not good enough. A “thank you, I look forward to outperforming my duties, becoming a major contributor to the company’s overall growth, and creating healthy work relationships within and outside the team” is great. In all things, ensure that your answer ends with a genuine smile on a relaxed face. This video perfectly demonstrates the right composure for answering the question “why should we hire you” like a professional.

Before showing you the job-winning sample why should we hire you answers as promised, below are the mistakes to avoid when answering why should we hire you for this job.

Mistakes To Avoid To Ace The Interview Question “Why Should We Hire You Into This Role”

Mistakes To Avoid To Ace The Interview Question “Why Should We Hire You Into This Role”

  • Never give way to the imposter syndrome.
  • Avoid needless, time-wasting details. Go straight to the point.
  • Avoid show-off, don’t be cocky, yet be confident.
  • Do not let negativity creep in. Stay positive, calm, and genuine.
  • Follow the dress code if any is given. Otherwise, dress officially.
  • Don’t show uncertainties in your answers. Be 100% sure of what you say.
  • Only support your claims with real experiences.

As promised, below are…

3 Job-Winning Why Should We Hire You Answers

Sample Answer To “Why Should We Hire You With No Experience” For Freshers

Thank you! In the job description, you mentioned specifically that you’re looking for a fresher, a lover of growth and challenges who is looking for a part-time job to start building their CV by managing the article development tasks of the company’s blog. I am a fast learner, an avid reader, an intelligent college student studying finance and accounting. My good grades in school attest to this. Having managed the school’s blog for 6 months with visible growths such as increasing our organic traffic by at least, 25% every month, I believe in replacing misinformation with information just like the slogan of this company. Thanks, again, I look forward to impacting the website while representing the company with my knowledge in accounting/finance and my blogging experience.”

Note; this is also a great sample answer to “why should we hire you for this internship” and “why should we hire you for freshers”.

Sample Answer To “Why Should We Hire You Call Center” For An Experienced Job Seeker

Glad you asked! My resume speaks for itself. In my last job, thanks to smart listening and communication skills, I was able to improve our customer experience by 67% in just 3 months, within this period, our customer service received more 5-star ratings and positive reviews across multiple local businesses pages. I was able to pull this and other milestones off with excellent emotional intelligence, the ability to create healthy relationships across the departments, the ability to learn fast, and my data-keeping skills. I believe in creating and building healthy relationships with customers by always putting myself in their shoes and taking their pains as mine. Thank you, and I am looking forward to doing even better with you!

Sample Answer To “Why Should We Hire You Software Developer”

Thanks for the privilege! According to the role description, you’re looking for a certified full-stack software developer for the daily development, optimization, and management of B2B apps for the businesses in your consults. I graduated from MIT with BSC in software and website development. I have active internship experience with Shopify, Airbnb, Etsy, and Redbubble. So far, I have developed 5 apps and software that are integrated with over 20 B2B websites and online stores. I am an expert at Python, Java, HTML, C++, SQL, Ruby, PHP, C#, WordPress, Swift, and Colin. My outlook on programming matches the company’s watchword “Life is a program”. I believe that a good program should add light and force to an aspect of life, but a great one reveals an undiscovered dimension of life. I am excited about all the challenges promised in the job descriptions and can’t wait to start working alongside the other geniuses in the team!”

So, here goes:

7 Other Related Interview Questions You Should Prepare For

  1. How did you hear about this position?
  2. What are you looking for in a new position?
  3. How do you prioritize your work?
  4. Why do you want this job and why should we hire you?
  5. What do you like to do outside of work?
  6. What is your greatest weakness? What are your strengths?
  7. How do you maintain a work-life balance?

As a bonus, scroll down to get…

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Professional Answers To The Frequently Asked Questions About How To Answer “Why Should We Hire You”

Why Do Interviewers Ask Why Should We Hire You?

Well, to see if you understand the role and you have all the relevant qualifications, skills, and experience that make you the best fit for the job, company, and team.

Is There A Chance For Freshers To Ace This Interview Question Above Other Candidates?

Absolutely, yes. Make sure you follow the blueprint shared here meticulously and access the sample shared for freshers who have never been in an interview before. You stand the greatest chance if you can hint at the benefits of hiring a newbie, you can mention that as a newbie, it’s easier for you to learn and understand the company’s culture faster, have low salary expectations, are a fast learner, and are open to growth.

What Should You Do Before The Day Of The Interview To Prepare For This Question?

Do your research on the role, the company, the departments (especially the one you are stepping into), and the team. Understand the work culture and dig in on the surface of the company’s reputation. The pieces of information you get through this will help you to craft a guided answer.

And that’s it:

In Conclusion

At the end of the day, the whole point of a job interview is to choose the right candidate. However, this doesn’t mean that the disqualified participants have no future hope of working in the subject company. In fact, according to research, most recruiters save the resume of excellent but disqualified candidates and reach out to them for future opportunities. So, don’t mind the crowd, give it all your best and you’ll be decorating your table soon.

Anyway, if you have further questions, reach out to me in the comment box below and I will be right there with you.

Until then, stay safe, stay positive, and go win that job, it’s yours for the take.

Rooting for you as always, Clouds!

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