What Market Research Can Do For Your SME – Infographics

Market research is very vital when starting a new business or trying to expand one. A new contact of mine, Neil Cary, Founder of SurveyGoo created an infographic on what market research can do for Small and Medium Entreprises (SMEs).

This infographic outlined all the benefits of market research and why all entrepreneurs need to use it.

It also shows you WHY and WHEN you need market research.

Though market research consumes time, the benefits are innumerable and could be a deciding factor for the success of your startup.

It is important to note that market research does not always need to be intricate to be effective. Whether you carry out the research yourself or hire a professional to carry out the research for you, in most cases it increases the effectiveness of any of your future endeavors without breaking the bank.

If you are a marketer or just starting out a new business, market research is vital to the growth of your business.

Carefully check out the illustrations and work them out before starting that new business.

Infographics on What Market Research Can Do For Your SME

What Market Research Can Do For Your SME

About Neil Cary

Neil Cary is a market researcher with more than 20 years of experience managing complex surveys. Neil is the founder of SurveyGoo, an online survey platform. He created this infographic. He decided to create a simple cloud-based survey tool which would allow users to script their own surveys, and target consumer audiences, drawn from quality assured, responsive research panels. Surveygoo’s ambition is to build a survey tool that anyone can use, yet it still delivers powerful scripting and analysis features.

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