FlexClip Video Maker: Excellent Tool to Create Videos in Minutes

We have talked here numerous times about the relevance of videos in today’s world and how this format has taken over people’s networks and content consumption habits.


Over the years, techpreneurs are creating video editing tools to help companies create compelling marketing videos for their campaign. However, if you’re still not sure which video editor to use for your company’s marketing strategy, we suggest you take a look at FlexClip Video Maker.

FlexClip Video Maker: Excellent Tool to Create Videos in Minutes

Why Use FlexClip video maker?

FlexClip is an excellent tool to create videos in minutes. This tool is very cool and has several professional templates and simple to configure to generate a beautiful video clip from photos and images. It is possible to add your own audio file or voiceover to explain the video. The important point here is that it has a free version for editing videos with side watermarks with the name of the site. If you do not want the watermark, you will need to pay a small dollar amount to remove it.


Key Features of FlexClip

Millions of photos, video footages, and music library

There is no need to scan the web for professional media files that you can use for your projects. You will have access to abundant royalty-free photos and videos that you can use in all your projects, even on YouTube.

Millions of photos, video footages, and music library

Import your own material

If by chance, you can’t find an image or video clip that reflects what you want to convey in your video, you also have the option of importing your own media.


More than 120 Templates created by professionals

If inspiration is scarce, fear nothing because the FlexClip team has created more than 120 video models. These templates cover several areas, from real estate, parties, business presentation, travel and much more.

More than 120 Templates created by professionals

All imaginable formats

If you surely know that the ideal format of a video published on youtube is not the same as that published on the news feed of Facebook or Instagram and even less that of stories. Here is a list of formats supported by FlexClip video maker:

16:9 Horizontal (Youtube and Twitter)

9:16 Portrait (Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram Stories)

1:1 Square (Instagram and Twitter feed)


Choose between different fonts and text animations

Speaking of fonts, if you are one of those people who has a specific font for their site. You can use it and set the text properties to your liking. To avoid boredom for your viewers, you can choose from a variety of text animations that are pre-made with the perfect typography.

Choose between different fonts and text animations

Voice Over Recording

Sometimes a project needs a personal touch, that’s why in this application you can record a voiceover. You just need to hold down the microphone button and start talking, and then your voice will be recorded clearly.


Animated widgets

Any viral video is not complete without an abnormal presence of widgets. The insertion of some emoticons is supported, and the same goes for a subscribe button.


Also, check out this online tool for editing videos.


Adjust speed and filter effect

There is an option to slow down or speed up a video in FlexClip video maker. The speed icon gives access to the motion tool with which you can adjust the reading speed to 0.5x, 1.5x or 3x, etc. In addition, many filters can be applied to images to add a custom effect.

Excellent Tool to create Videos

We’re sure that with this simple but excellent tool to create videos, you can produce any material for your project on the web. So it’s worth checking out whether FlexClip is fit for your needs. You must agree that having the chance to produce everything you need without having to worry about software costs is hand in hand, isn’t it?

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