Jumia Co-Founders Launch ACE to drive Innovation in Nigeria Logistics Industry

Two former co-Founders and co-Managing Directors of Jumia, Nigeria.s premier online retailer, Tunde Kehinde and Ercin Eksin, have launched online logistics company, African Courier Express, ACE to drive innovations in the Nigerian logistics industry.

Jumia Co-Founders Launch ACE

Image: ACE.ng

The duo in an interview they granted a Nigerian daily said that ACE leverages technology to drive direct to consumer delivery, helping retailers, banks, insurance companies and other businesses deliver goods directly to consumers all over Nigeria.

The service wish will also accord users the opportunity to track packages as well as make provisions for payment collection at Point of Delivery (POD) is the first of its kind in Nigeria. They said the service was inspired by their experience building Nigeria’s first online store, Jumia.com.ng.

Kehinde said “with Jumia, we saw end to end what the customer challenges are between building operations and customer service. We saw that where the big pain was, was logistics. And that was why we said we could solve the problem we saw while we were at Jumia and most likely solve the same problems other retailers and businesses are having.”

“It goes beyond delivering just an ecommerce item. For us, what we want is for that business that wants to get products across the country to be able to do that using this platform. That was what the Jumia experience has helped us to do,” said Kehinde.

He added: “We saw a big opportunity in logistics, so we scaled Jumia to the level it was at the time we left and then decided to build a platform that can power a hundred more Jumias. And when you think in that scale, it is an opportunity you cannot pass up.”

“This is because, what is very clear all over the world is that e-commerce in developed markets can be as high as 6 per cent of GDP. This means that in our country, ecommerce can be a $10 billion plus market. But right now, it is constrained by lack of structured logistics platform.”

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