Hacks to Become a Good Leader As a Christian

Being a good leader, whether in business, in the Church, or your family, is an important attribute to have. However, as a Christian, it’s also important to question whether leadership is your calling, be intentional in your leadership and decide what kind of leader you want to become.

Here are a few tips and things to consider in becoming a great leader as a follower of Christ.

Hacks to Become a Good Leader As a Christian

Extensive Reading

Following Jesus means consistent learning and growing, both in your faith and in other aspects of your life. First of all, studying and meditating on the Bible itself will shed light on God’s plans for you and your life, helping you find your place as a strong leader.

Second, investing in a leadership book, or books that might guide you in your particular area of leadership (business, parenting, education, etc.) will help you to hone your skills and learn more about what you need to know.

Be Bold and Courageous

Your faith in God should guide you to lead confidently. A strong leader with God-given potential relies on their Maker to help them lead, guide, and serve others with courage.

Confidence and courage in leadership are important qualities to have because they will allow others to have faith in you and the gifts that God has given you. Furthermore, leading by Christ’s example will guide others to His path and help those you serve to see and experience His light.

Empower Others

One of the most important things Jesus did was empower the people around him. As a leader, you need to guide those who you lead to success, which will, in turn, generate success for yourself.

Failing to empower others is failure to empower yourself and your own business or path. When you empower the right people, they will feel valued and energised to serve as well, allowing you to grow in your leadership, and them to grow in their leadership as well. Through empowering those around you, you will strengthen each area of your life where you consider yourself a leader.

Create Systems That Work

Positive outcomes and driven by positive and efficient systems. Growth in your business, relationship, or ministry won’t come from systems (or people) that are failing you.

Just like you need to empower the people around you to encourage growth in them and yourself, you need to ensure that your systems are ‘empowered’ too. By this, we mean that assessing, reassessing, and restructuring the way you do things might be a game-changer in your leadership. As a leader, it is part of your role to work on improving things, systems, and situations until you believe they are worthy and good.

The Takeaway

Leaning on God in your leadership is the most important thing to do. Rely on Him to guide you, and learn from Him and His ways in order to be bold and courageous and empower those around you. Imitate His intention and purpose in the systems He created, in order to find success in your endeavours.

Francis Nwokike

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