Make The Most Of Your Investment Opportunities In Today’s Crazy Real Estate Market

With real estate market in Dubai brimming with opportunities for all sorts of investors, it’s important that you make the most of your investment opportunities. According to  Luxury Property, the best opportunity for you would actually depend on the objectives you have and the goals you’d want to achieve.

The investment strategies which worked for you in the beginning may not be the best ones to employ when you’ve become a seasoned investor eyeing something really big. So, here is some advice as to how you should capture the investment opportunities in today’s crazy market.

Make The Most Of Your Investment Opportunities In Today's Crazy Real Estate Market

Investment Opportunities In Real Estate Market

1. The Opportunities Beginners Should Look Forward To

A simple way of getting started with your investments in real estate is learning the way you could structure the sandwich lease options. One of the favorites for many experts, the strategy does not require you to put in any credit or cash and there are lots of desperate sellers you can come across who’d be ready to work with you on this. For putting together your sandwich lease option, all you have to do is to match up your chosen sellers with the tenant buyers allowing yourself to earn profit for getting them to sign the deal.

Try to find motivated sellers who are desperate to get out of the payments they have to make and would be open to the offer you bring to them. A long term lease can be structured for 5-10 years where you’d have to cover for an existing mortgage and pay rent to seller. If you want this method to work the best for you in buying your desired properties, it’s important that you pay less to the seller compared to what you’d be getting from the tenants moving forward.

It may also be possible for you to buy the home either for the amount owed to their lender or at 80% of the total market value of the property right now. You have to ensure that the option price is kept low enough that it can be offered to the tenant buyer as rent-to-own property while also giving them the right to buy it at higher price so that you can make a profit.

Some other strategies that beginners can use to invest in properties include purchasing homes with existing financing or owner carry financing.

2. The Opportunities For Intermediate Property Investors

Now that you have made a few deals with lease option financing, it’s time that you step up the game and switch to other investment opportunities like short sales or flipping properties.

As far as short sales are concerned, they require negotiations with lenders so that you both can settle on a figure less than what’s owed, allowing you to resell the property at a profit. If you want to make some quick profits, it’s going to be your best option because the difference in the said prices would be your take home profit.

Besides short sales, wholesaling or flipping homes can be considered the best options for the intermediate investors. For making the most successful deals, you have to find homes in not-so-good condition and either resell them immediately at a profit to some other investor or sell it later to some retail buyer after fixing up all the issues to make a higher gain.

Make The Most Of Your Investment Opportunities In Real Estate Market

3. The Opportunities Big Thinkers Should Avail

If you’re a seasoned investor and are aiming at opportunities that allow you to make millions in profits rather than hundreds of thousands of dollars, investing in commercial real estate would be the best opportunity for you. Some options you’d want to consider include self-storage, apartment buildings, office and retail properties, and mobile home parks.

If however you are looking to invest in condos, this company, Precondo research condo opportunities in Canada and share acquired information on their platform.

So, which category do you fall in? Decide which types of deals you would want to grab now in today’s crazy market to make the most of your efforts.

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