How AI Can Help Non-Native English Speakers Achieve Amazing Results at Work

In the modern, globalized world, businesses and professionals need to collaborate regularly with clients, co-workers, and employees from various parts of the world.

Whether you’re a non-native English speaker looking for a job in Britain, or a business person with a large customer-base in the UK, you’ll have to communicate regularly with British recruiters, staff members, business partners, and prospects.

The ability to communicate in a clear, concise, and persuasive way is key to succeeding in almost any industry. No matter how good your communication skills are, it can be challenging to speak clearly in a foreign language, especially when you’re just starting out.

Your linguistic skill needs to be developed over time, with practice and persistence. But what should you do in the meantime? That’s where AI comes in. In this article, we tell you how exactly AI can help non-native speakers remove the communication barrier.

How AI can help you communicate better at work

If you’re working as a management consultant in Britain, for instance, you may often have to organize presentations for senior management executives and other stakeholders within a company. For this, you’ll need excellent communication skills.

Communication is one of the major challenges that non-native English speakers face when trying to climb the corporate ladder (or set up a successful business) in Britain.

How AI Can Help Non-Native English Speakers Achieve Amazing Results at Work

Even those who can read and write perfect English may often struggle with verbal communication, as they’re not familiar with the local accent and dialect.

The accent or dialect with which you speak affects your tone, pronunciation, and the syllables you emphasize within a word, among other things.

If you have an accent your target audience isn’t familiar with, it can result in poor communication even if both sides understand the English language perfectly.

This is because the same word — in the same language — can be pronounced very differently when spoken by two people with differing accents.

A common example is how the word ‘schedule’ is pronounced very differently in the US and the UK. And this problem becomes even more complex when non-native speakers are involved.

However, there’s an easy solution. The problem can be easily solved with a high-quality, reliable AI text-to-speech voice generator.

An AI tool can help you communicate with your colleagues and customers in a way that’s easy to understand, and you can choose accents to your liking too! For instance, if your company is Britain-based, you probably want to use a British text to speech voiceover tool that will help you create training videos for your employees, entertaining podcasts for your social media followers, and engaging advertisements for your prospective buyers without having to worry about miscommunication.

Use AI-powered text to speech tools to get better results at work

Let’s talk about the ways in which an AI text-to-speech voiceover tool can help non-native English speakers achieve their full potential in Britain by eliminating the barrier to communication.

1. Instructing your employees

You’ll need to be able to hire and train local employees for your business. You’ll also need to do this if you’re a foreign executive hoping to land a senior managerial position in a UK-based company.

Not being able to relay instructions properly to your employees can turn into a major bottleneck. But An AI-powered British text-to-speech voiceover can come in handy.

You can use AI to make detailed, easy-to-understand training videos for local employees to help them do their job more effectively.

The AI text to speech tool will ensure that the training videos are narrated in a way that’s easy for your local British employees to understand, leaving no room for misunderstanding.

Not only will the AI text-to-speech tool help improve the staff’s performance, it will also make hiring and retaining local staff members easier.

2. Connecting with clients and customers

As a professional, you need to proactively work towards building your network and connecting with prospective clients.

Whether you run your own business in Britain or work as an employee in a multinational company, you need to be able to communicate with your clients and other professionals in a way that makes them feel more connected to you.

If most of your customers are local, then a British text to speech voiceover tool will help you make promotional videos, informative audiobooks, and advertisements to better connect with your target audience.

Connecting with clients and customers

You can start by creating a script designed to engage your customers and address their pain points.

Then, you can use the voiceover AI to narrate the script in an accent that’s familiar and easy to understand for your target audience. This is a great way to make your content feel more natural to them, earn their trust, and turn them into loyal customers for your own business or the company you work for.

3. Improve your presentations

Depending on your job, you may have to give presentations to your shareholders, investors, company management, or clients.

Some professionals, like consultants and marketers, might need to do this more frequently than others.

If you frequently give presentations or have to speak in front of a room full of people, you’ll need to make sure you’re communicating effectively.

A presentation is a good way to float new ideas and share your business strategy, but unless you ensure that stakeholders understand your points fully, you’ll have a tough time getting them to nod yes.

An AI text-to-speech voiceover tool can help improve the effectiveness of your presentations. It will allow you to create clear, crisp narration for each of your slides in a British accent.

Doing this will help ensure there’s no confusion among the people you’re presenting to, allowing them to focus their attention on decision-making rather than trying to get more clarity.

4. Get the pitch and emphasis right

Your accent affects your pitch, tone, the pauses you take when speaking, as well as the syllables you emphasize when pronouncing a word.

Verbal communication is not just about what you’re saying, but also how you’re saying it.

The pitch, tone, and the words we choose to emphasize play a big role in communicating the meaning and intent during a conversation.

This is why the best text-to-speech voiceover tools allow you to adjust various aspects of the audio, including speed, pitch, and emphasis. The best tools will also allow you to choose where to pause in your narration and for how long.

These features of AI voiceover tools help ensure that your nonverbal cues are on point during a presentation, podcast, or promotional video. This will allow you to effectively communicate your intended meaning without accidentally offending or confusing your audience with a misplaced pause or emphasis.

5. Build empathy with human-like voiceovers

The best text-to-speech voiceover tools offer a wide range of authentic and human-like AI voices to choose from.

Depending on your target demographics, you can choose the gender, age group, and accent of the AI voice.

For instance, if your customer base consists largely of urban, middle-aged women, then you can choose an AI voice that they’ll find more relatable.

A relatable, human-like AI voice can help build trust and empathy among the audience. It also makes your videos more engaging than they would have been if the narration was robotic and emotionless. You’ve all heard how Siri sounds, right?

6. Save time and resources

Hiring a British voice actor to narrate the scripts of all your videos, podcasts, and other outreach materials can be expensive and time-consuming.

Why spend money on expensive recording equipment and time on voiceover productions that can take several weeks?

A high-quality text-to-speech voiceover tool can accomplish the same task within minutes, and with no extra equipment or studio space required.

You simply have to upload your script, choose one of the available voices, and let AI work its magic.

The AI will automatically convert your script into clear and friendly narration in an accent of your choice with no disturbance or background noise to distract your audience.

How to choose the right AI for voiceovers at work?

Now that you know how an AI voiceover tool can help non-native English speakers grow professionally in Britain, it’s time to choose the tool that best suits your needs and budget.

Some important features you should look for when choosing an AI voiceover tool for your professional needs are as follows:

  • It should offer a wide range of accents and voices to choose from.
  • The voices should be authentic, human-like, and correspond to different genders and age groups.
  • The tool should allow you to adjust the speed and pitch of the narration.
  • It should allow you to include pauses of varying lengths during the narration.
  • It should allow you to adjust the emphasis placed on different syllables and words.

Choosing an AI voiceover tool with these features will help you overcome many of the hurdles that come with being a non-native English speaker working in Britain.

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