7 Golden Rules for a Medical Spa to Win at Social Media Marketing

As per a report by Grand View Research Inc, the global spa market is expected to reach approximately USD 117.9 billion by 2028. The report even claimed that the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.1% from 2021 to 2028.

These figures are enough to prove that the medical spa industry is booming, and there are hordes of opportunities for medical spas to thrive and succeed.

Golden Rules for a Medical Spa to Win at Social Media Marketing

Given the scope, this industry also comes with neck-to-neck competition, and leveraging a business isn’t a piece of cake anymore.

A Sprout Social Consumer discovered that around 84% of the people are likely to make a purchase from a brand they follow on social media.

And that makes social media marketing of paramount importance for every medical spa out there.

Here are seven golden rules for every medical spa to thrive on social media and win more customers.


1. A Slow Start is a Healthy Start

There are ample social media platforms out there like Instagram, Facebook, and some spas are using Snapchat and recently TikTok as well. But it is not a great idea to hop on every platform and start marketing.

Instead, start with only one or two platforms and expand gradually. As a practitioner, your time is invaluable, and you can’t invest several hours of your day on marketing only.

social media Facebook Twitter

Choose a platform wisely so that you can target a huge audience. Furthermore, utilize several tools, including Loomly, Hootsuite, and AgoraPulse for scheduling and running your marketing campaign.


2. Update Your Official Website

As per Ubersuggest, the keyword “medical spa near me” garners around 49,500 searches a month. So, you cannot go wrong with your website, as it may result in your competitors bagging the customers.

In this era of the internet, your website is the face of your business. Ensure your site loads quickly and has a user-friendly layout that helps the visitors make a purchase or book the services easily.

Also, check that your site has up-to-date content, such as the services you offer, the address of your spa, and the rate chart.

An awfully designed website that doesn’t load quickly and has a poor layout will not attract customers. As a result, you will lose the chance to convert the visitors.

Moreover, Google will also start disliking the website if it has a poor design. So get in touch with a good digital marketing agency and get your website revamped ASAP.

Once your site is ready, you can use its link in the social media campaigns to establish trust while rewarding the users with the comfort of booking medical spa services.


3. Leverage the Power of Testimonials

Peer-to-peer endorsements have a significant impact on buying decisions. And your clients will be happy to be your brand ambassadors as well. Get in touch with your patients, and ask them to leave a review on your website.

Furthermore, encourage your customers to tag you in personalized posts and offer them good discounts in return. As a result, the people associated with your customers are more likely to opt for your services.


4. Make a Consistent Posting Cadence and Stick to it

After choosing the right social media platform, you should make a posting cadence. The frequency of your posts can do wonders. First, it can help you establish a strong brand image and get new customers for your med spa.

Here’s a quick recommendation to help you make a posting schedule:

LinkedIn: Once a week

Facebook: A few times a week (4-5 times)

Instagram: Daily (More than 4.5 billion active users a day)

Twitter: Twice a day

Yes, it can be pretty daunting to post frequently, so you can hire a social media marketing agency to do it on your behalf. Not only are the marketing guys smart enough to design lucrative posts, but they also know where to strike to get better results. Check out the roles digital marketing play in business growth.


5. Focus on Visual Content

Images and videos have a better conversion rate as compared to plain text. Furthermore, in the medical spa industry, images play a crucial role in attracting potential customers.

Pinterest and Instagram are the two social media platforms you can use to promote visual content, i.e., images, posters, and videos. Showing the pictures of your facility and customers enjoying a healthy spa session can be fruitful, and the strategy isn’t difficult to execute.


6. Be Easily Found

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Your potential customers have numerous choices, and they could choose another medical spa over you. So make your website or online business easy to find. Mark your presence on almost all social media platforms by creating pages, posts, hashtags, and running campaigns.

Furthermore, invest in SEO services to ensure your website ranks well in the SERPs, and contacting you becomes easy.


7. Be Honest and Promote Realistic Goals

Social media has become a boon for medical spas, as these businesses can easily promote their inclusivity of races, genders, body types, and ethnicities. However, some brands promote unrealistic expectations, and it can put psychological pressure on the audience.

Whatever you post, be honest and set the right expectations. Then, tell your audience about the realistic results your past customers have achieved.

Avoid posting anything that’s unachievable and is beyond your region of practice.



Numerous killer strategies can help your business boost its online presence. But these seven golden rules for medical spas can help you succeed at social media marketing, and open the doors for more business opportunities.

Always prioritize your tactics, and make use of several app features to automate things. It is indispensable to hire a local social media marketing company to run a successful campaign for better user engagement.

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