10 Unique Service Business Ideas Of The Future

Imagine starting a future-inspired brand that’s second or third to none. It’s not just about the benefits of a monopoly.

It’s about venturing into a low or zero-competition virgin market with vast opportunities to become one of the first leading brands in a future industry that hasn’t become saturated.

Isn’t that the fastest and easiest way for entrepreneurs to establish themselves and become big players shortly?

Now, while it may be too late to go back in time to see into the future that we are in right now, the way…

  • Mark Zuckerberg saw it to start Facebook.
  • Jeff Bezos did to create Amazon.
  • And Satoshi Nakamoto did to build the first-ever cryptocurrency (Bitcoin).

You can start right here and now, taking a look into what the top 10 unique service business ideas of the future are. By “future”, I mean 2030, 2040, 2050, and beyond. These meticulously selected future service businesses are not the results of a prediction or any sort of guesswork, as you will soon find out.

Here goes the top 10 unique service business ideas of the future;

1. Virtual Reality And Robotics Fitness Tech Service provider

Top 10 Business Of The Future (2020-2030)

Keeping fit, losing weight, and living a healthy life have all been a part of pop culture for years. So, the fitness industry is not at all new. But…not only has the $96.7 billion health and fitness club industry seen new categories, but it also promises a future of new markets, thanks to the merging of digital fitness and future-inspired technology.

As pointed out by GloFox, beyond the trending fitness and wellness apps, online trainers, and wearable fitness devices that just caught on during the pandemic, the most profitable and unique future service business ideas of the fitness world are virtual reality training and machine/robotic coaching.

According to Virtual Speech, 23 industries have adopted virtual reality (a technology-architectured 3D-4D simulated world that can be interacted with just like our real world). Likewise, the Ohio University online department of Master of Science in Electrical Engineering listed 5 industries (including the health sector) that will be influenced by the $1.3 billion of the robotics industry.

If you’re interested in the fitness sector, now may be the best time to invest in virtual reality and robotics. Your investment may take the shape of;

  • Develop your virtual reality fitness/bodybuilding Software that’s monetized via opt-ins.
  • Or collaborating with engineers and fitness gurus to design robotic coaches that can be hired out.

2. Space Tourism

While Elon Musk seems to be the only one interested in dying on Mars, an ABC News poll reveals that 70% of people surveyed share the dreams of spending 3+ weeks in space, 88% would love to space-walk, and less than 69% wish to go on a suborbital tourism flight.

And since it’s still a goal to make space-traveling commercially viable and available, as Britannica points out, many technological development-encouraging competitions are set by non-profit organizations (like the $10 million reward offered by X-Prize foundation) are propelling tech companies into making it a dream come true.

And guess what? According to Space Tourism Guide, there are only 12 space tourism companies created so far. One of these is Virgin Galactic, which sells a ticket at a starting price of $450, 000 per seat. Yes, it’s that big, but what does this mean to you?

Well, the industry is yet to be saturated, plus it’s massively profitable. But while you may not have access to the vault of cash needed to build a spaceship just yet, Michael Sheetz (Space Reporter) of CNBC writes other ways an investor can start a unique services business in this future industry.

3. Car Charging Stations

Car Charging Stations

According to Green Tech Media, a total of 199, 818 electric vehicles were sold in the USA alone in 2017, a fraction of the 1, 223, 600 sold globally at that time. In the USA, the sales went up to 361, 307 in 2018, while Norway saw the highest market share of the industry. So far, the number of electric cars in use from 2016 to 2020 is estimated at 6.8 million, by Statista.

But while you may not be ready to compete with the likes of Tesla as a new electric vehicle manufacturing company that requires millions in dollars in startup capital, Grist writes that the president of America (Joe Biden, of course) calls for the construction of over 500, 000 electric car charging stations as an addition to an existing 41, 000 stations in the States.

Interestingly, as HomeAdvisor points out, it takes between $464 and $1,125 to install one standard charging station, while Motor Biscuits confirms that electric charging stations charge an average of $0.35 per minute.

4. Drone Package Delivery

The global drone package delivery market is projected to reach a worth of $4.40 billion in 2025, according to Business Wire. This market revolves around partnerships, sole proprietors, organizations, and other entities implementing drones (aka unmanned aerial vehicles) to deliver lightweight packages (2-5kilograms) over short-long distances (>25kilometers).

As written by Emergen Research, each of the top 10 leading companies in this fast-growing industry is already averaging $280 billion to $15.7million every year. And mind you, all of this money is coming from an industry that’s still at its early stage. So, if you’d rather jump in now to establish yourself to become one of the leading brands, Starter Story calculates a total startup cost of $2, 461-$35, 923.

5. Virtual Reality Therapy

Okay, I know you’re probably rolling your eyes right now. Alright, the business of helping people experience their peak mental performance and coping with anxiety or depression has been around for a long while, both offline and online. But beyond the mainstream, the online therapy services market valued at $2.36 billion in 2020 by Verified Market Research is set for a new, explosive turn as virtual reality becomes a thing, and, at a breakneck pace.

Already, Market Research Future expects that the global virtual reality therapy market will hit approximately $1.3 billion before the end of 2023, with the main drivers being rehabilitation centers, autism treatment, treatment of phobia, post-traumatic stress disorder treatment, and others.

So, whether you’re already a therapist killing it online or an entrepreneur investor with an eye for the gigantic bags promised by the future of therapy as a service, anticipate the big shift and prepare to step into the new market before it gets overly saturated.

6. Cloud Migration As A Service

The SaaS (Software As A Service) industry has become an enormous monster and a necessary one at that, of the IoT (Internet of Things) world for decades. However, only recently did a subcategory market like the Clouds Migration As A Service emerge with a massive future.

Previously valued at $88.46 billion in 2019, the Clouds Migration market which is projected to grow at a CGR of 24.8% to become $515.83 billion in 2027, according to Allied Market Research, is gaining the attention of startups and SMBs in Asia, North America, Europe, and LAMAE (Latin America, Middle East, and Africa).

Basically, as a business selling Clouds migration services, you possess the required strategies, tools, processes, and experience, and help organizations to move their IT infrastructure, including digital assets, applications, resources, and products to the cloud or from one cloud-based vendor to another.

And you don’t even need to start a company as Zip Recruiter measures the average salary of top cloud migration engineer employees at $135, 230 per year or $65 per hour.

7. 360 Degree Photography

You’ve probably already caught sight of those intriguing 360degree images posted on Facebook recently. Those interactive, panoramic images that you control and turn in all directions, exploring the 360degree view of the environment surrounding the spot where the shot was taken. Yes, those are the products of the new omnidirectional 360degree cameras that are just catching enormous waves.

Now, while this category of the photography industry is pretty new, it’s already reached a market size of $765 million in 2020 according to Verified Market Research, projected to reach $5, 193 million in 2028, and observed to double as the demand for virtual reality and augmented reality continue to rise in the interactive entertainment world (especially in video gaming and social media), automotive, travel and tourism, military and defense, health care, and commercial.

Instead of starting as a one-size-fits-all photographer, niching-down to the future-promising 360degree market allows you to bypass the struggles of fighting through the crowd.

8. Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Tourism

10 Unique Service Business Ideas Of The Future

Virtual reality is getting attention across a handful of industries, but augmented reality hasn’t gained as much adoption. Augmented reality is an enhanced form of virtual reality in the sense that the simulated 3D or 4D environment is modified to offer innovative possibilities, elements, and structures beyond reality.

With VR/AR tourism, tourists can visit an enhanced simulated version of their points/locations of interest in different dimensions and timelines. Imagine putting on an AR/VR headset (that bridges the digital and the physical world) and touring ancient Egypt or exploring the future human civilization on Mars.

According to IndustryARC, just a few leading brands have started a company in this industry, which has grown in millions from 2016 to 2021. Some of the cited AR/VR tourism brands are Go Meta, MetaVerse, 3D Walkabout, Zco Corporation, Vizio Fly, and World Travel VR. If this industry interests you and you’d like to start a business in it, here’s a Google search on how to start a virtual tour business.

9. Business Process Automation (BPA)

Thanks to the ever-increasing advancements around machine learning and artificial intelligence, businesses across the world can free up time and reduce operation costs by adopting AI-based applications in performing repetitive tasks on autopilot. However, real automation has just begun as brands can now own 100% automated businesses that manage and run themselves.

In Just Web World’s recent article titled “Excellent Automation; Creating A Business That Runs Without You”, Micheal Austin writes that the 3 ways to automate a business are; purchasing a complete suite of software tailored to do everything, outsourcing your processes, or hiring the right people.

Now, if you’re a software engineer or an entrepreneur, you can collaborate with the right experts to start a partnership dedicated to creating custom automated businesses for startups, SMBs, and other business entities.

10. Virtual Medical Appointment Systems

According to Luma Health, the health sector continues to lose an estimated $150 billion to appointment cancellations and no-shows. And no thanks to the continuously intensifying busy life of the world, these numbers are sure to keep rising. To arrest this situation, the creation of applications and pieces of software dedicated to helping patients in meeting their medical appointments has become a need.

So, for y’all software engineers, this may be the best time to start developing medical appointment systems for clinics, independent hospitals, and even state-owned medical facilities.

And that’s it. The 10 unique service business ideas of the future.

In Conclusion,

Beyond prediction, taking a clear look into the future is a skill that every successful entrepreneur must add to their skill set. It is needed not only to future-proof an existing business but also to foresee business opportunities before they get dominated.

In that light, I have reviewed the 10 unique service business ideas of the future on this page. I have also answered some of the frequently asked questions about future services business ideas. However, if you have further questions to ask or thoughts to share, use the comment section below and I will be right with you.


As a plus, keep reading to get…

Answers To The Frequently Asked Questions About Unique Service Business Ideas Of The Future.

What Will Be Trending In 2025?

Well… keep an eye out for virtual and augmentation reality, advanced robotics, artificial intelligence, cloud technology, and 3D printing.

Which Skills Are In Demand In Future?

They would be mostly cloud computing, coding and software enhancement, algorithm designing, networking development, machine learning, management consulting, UI/UX, and copywriting.

Which Industry Will Grow In 2023-2030?

Basically, the tourism sector, automobile industry, telecommunication sector, and the agriculture industry.

What Is The Fastest Growing Business In The World?

Obviously, Tesla, TikTok, Facebook, Meituan, SpaceX, Pinduoduo, and Amazon.

What Will Be The Biggest Industries In 2023?

For sure, the drone industry, analytic and big data industry, bio-hacking industry, and renewable energy are the most promising.

And it’s a wrap.

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