How Do You Select the Best Agency of Experts to Assist with Business Registration in China?

Are you looking forward to opening a company in China? Well, this is an excellent idea because China offers fantastic opportunities for your business to grow. The only challenge is that the process of company registration in China can be challenging because you are required to prepare a long list of documents and deal with different departments. But these technical challenges should not prevent you from gaining access to China and enjoying the opportunities therein.

The good news is that there is a cheaper and more convenient way of doing it: using an agency of experts to help with company registration. These are experts whose primary purpose is holding your hand during registration and guiding the enterprise to achieve its goals. But first things first, you need to identify the best agency. Keep reading as we highlight some useful tips for identifying the best agency.

China in Numbers

Before outlining the methods that you can use to pick the agency to assist with business incorporation in China, let’s look at this jurisdiction closely. When looking at China, the most notable thing is the large population (1.39 billion people). This is a huge market.

How Do You Select the Best Agency of Experts to Assist with Business Registration in China

Whether you have a tech company or want to deal with industrial products, know that there is an ample market for you in China. Here are other important numbers about China:

  • The country’s GDP is US $15.66 trillion, according to the 2020 estimates
  • Shanghai port is among the largest ports on the globe. It handles approximately 43.3 million TEU per year
  • More than 90% of China’s state-owned firms were featured on the Fortune Global 500 firms in 2020

In addition to these numbers, the stability of the country has been outstanding. From its economy to politics, China has been pretty stable over the last four decades, making it easy for companies to plan for their operations in the long term.

Useful Tips for Selecting an Agency of Experts

Now that you know some of the useful facts about China, how do you select the right agency of experts to help with registration? The first thing to check is establishing how effective the company has been with previous companies. Here are some questions to ask. Were the previous companies successful after seeking the assistance of the agency? Were the investors satisfied with the offered services? Here are additional tips to consider:

  • The Agency’s Commitment to Delivering Customer Value

You should only work with a firm that spares no effort to ensure that the companies it assists achieve their objectives. To know this, you should research it a little more by visiting their website and reaching out to its support. For example, you need to establish if the company has experts in different areas of company operations, including company registration in China.

  • Affordable

The process of company incorporation in China can be expensive and you should keep an eye on the expenses. Therefore, ensure to check for the agency that is charging affordable rates. When we talk about the cost, we must mention that you should not make it the primary determinant because such a move is likely to net you a firm with low rates but poor quality services.  Instead, you should pick the agency with top-notch services but charging affordable rates.

  • It Should Be Ready to Support Your Business Even After Registration

Registering your company is only the first step in your efforts to go offshore. The bigger task actually comes after business registration. Therefore, look for a firm that is also ready to offer assistance to your enterprise during the entry and growth phases. Particularly, the agency should be able to assist with payroll management, accounting, and filing tax returns.

This post has demonstrated that working with an agency of experts when expanding your business to China comes with many benefits. You can apply the tips we have highlighted here to narrow down to the right agency. Do not just work with any agency; go with the best!

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