How Entrepreneurs Use the Application Tracking System to Hire Employees

Today’s job market has transformed. Many companies now use various tools to reinforce their hiring efforts. They are also using modern recruitment procedures to attract and preserve a good number of highly-skilled employees.

One remarkable tool that employers depend heavily on for recruitment solutions is the Application Tracking System (ATS). Statistics indicate that 94% of recruiting professionals state that their ATS recruitment software has impacted their hiring procedures positively.

The ATS recruitment is also referred to as a talent management system. It is used to facilitate the whole hiring process. Besides, ATS is also known as the candidate relationship management system. This is because it acts as a recruitment CRM software.

Companies use the information available in their database system to:

  • Screen potential candidates
  • Test applicants
  • Schedule interviews
  • Manage the recruitment process
  • Confirm references
  • Complete the final paperwork for recruitees

ATS recruitment can save employers both time and money. More so, it reduces the hassle of finding the right talent for your business. It also helps create a smooth hiring process. The applicant software seamlessly transitions from one hiring phase to another.

Let’s now find out how entrepreneurs can use the application tracking system to hire employees.

How Entrepreneurs Use the Application Tracking System to Hire Employees

How to Employ ATS to Enhance the Hiring Process

Are you an employer looking to get the most out of a recruitment CRM software? First, you need to implement the best ats recruitment into your company’s hiring process. Many companies are now using recruitment management software to improve their internal hiring procedures.

Through ATS, you can have all the incoming applications from candidates placed into a single pipeline. This is despite where the applications originate from. Integrating the job applicant tracking software into your hiring process boosts publicity. You can post listings for all open positions in your company to various job boards online.

Most importantly, you can run advertisements on those boards. This can cause the most significant level of recruitment solutions, which can further reinforce your recruitment initiatives.

By doing this, you will realize that anytime a candidate applies to one of your company’s open positions through any job board, their application is instantly integrated into your company’s ATS. So, your hiring pipeline gets continuously populated with applicants’ information.

From there, you can quickly spot which applications for each particular role appear the most promising. You get to determine this using a series of evaluations and interviews. The best part is that the ATS acts as your guide throughout the entire recruitment and hiring process.

How Does the Application Tracking System (ATS) Work in General?

Using ATS recruitment tracking saves companies a great deal. Every applicant information that is uploaded and organized in the database can be accessed at any time by the human resource personnel. So, it is beneficial for present and future use.

Since the information is gathered and organized digitally, your company won’t have to pay for extra time to sort and categorize paper applications. This is often the case with the traditional hiring processes.

So, whenever potential candidates apply for a job online, their information is uploaded into a database. Such info may include:

  • Personal information
  • Contacts
  • Educational background
  • CV and cover letter

Afterward, the applicant’s information is transferred from one component of the online recruitment software to another. This happens as candidates move through the various hiring phases.

The system enables the organization’s recruiters to review every application faster. Afterward, you can send applicants automated messages alerting them that you have received their applications.

The hiring team can then schedule interview sessions that involve a series of online tests. You can issue mail rejection letters for unsuccessful candidates through the recruitment management software.

For the successful candidates, the human resources personnel can use the information on the database to place them on the payroll. This happens when the individuals are already hired. So, the integrated systems usually streamline the following:

  • Recruitment process
  • Applications
  • Organizational hiring procedures

On the other hand, the applicants have to customize their applications for different roles. But, the ability to bypass the tiring process of re-typing and editing the information for every application is a significant time-saver.

ATS to Boost Recruitment Efforts

ATS to Boost Recruitment Efforts

Integrating ATS can boost your own organization’s recruitment efforts. So, whenever a candidate applies for a job despite the role, they get an automated appreciation email. This is a ‘thank you’ message to the applicant for applying to be a part of your company.

After this, you can integrate a third-party assessment tool into your ATS system. If a candidate’s CV strongly matches the particular role, the candidate gets another automated email.

This particular mail has a link to wind up the first round of evaluation. The assessment often contains questions about the candidate’s personality and emotional intelligence (EI). It also comes with a prompt to fill up a brief writing sample. This will further enable you to assess the applicant’s written skills and abilities.

Once the candidate completes their initial stages of assessment, your ATS recruitment alerts your team. Thus, you may start reviewing their responses to the evaluation. If their answers are fitting, you can signal it within the ATS recruitment software. This moves the successful candidates further down your company’s application pipeline.

These candidates will then receive the first-round interview invite with an HR specialist. In the interview, the HR personnel will cover the particular role the candidate(s) applied for at a higher scope.

Your organization’s HR personnel will also ask any question the applicant(s) might have.

It also helps to give the candidates an overview of your organizational culture. This guarantees that the applicant is still a good fit for the organization and the role.

More Ways ATS Smoothens the Interview Process

So, once the candidate excels in the first-round interview, they are moved to the next phase of your ATS. Here, they will receive a second assessment. This is an evaluation that targets more into the particular job functions. The assessment may include a more detailed writing sample.

If the candidate excels in their second round of assessment, the ATS recruitment is prompted to send another automated email. This will often alert the applicant of another interview with the hiring manager.

At this stage, the manager is responsible for the quality assurance role. It entails reviewing the applicant’s assessments to ensure they are still the right fit for the position.

If the hiring personnel deems the candidate a good fit, they can undergo the final assessment. This comprises another intelligence and personality test. It aims to ensure that the candidate’s values match your company’s.

Once the candidate succeeds in the third assessment, they are moved towards the end of the pipeline in the company’s ATS. The recruitment tracking software prompts a final automated email sent to the applicant.

It alerts them to schedule the final direct meet-up with the company’s relevant personnel. Immediately the candidate is hired, they are moved to the end of your ATS pipeline. They then begin their official employee onboarding process with your team.

How Can You Benefit Most from Your ATS Applicant Software?

You must ensure that your ATS hiring program offers its total potential value towards your organization’s recruitment procedures. Thus, it’s crucial to maximize the use of different job-hunting platforms. This will remarkably boost your talent pool.

Find out which job platforms or sites perform best, and start placing targeted job advertisements on those sites. Ensure the ads you place are for the roles your organization needs to fill with skilled talent.

Once you do this, your ATS applicant software will start gathering all incoming applications into one central location. This allows you and your HR team to build a strong pipeline. It enables you to have the most qualified candidates.

It also ensures that you’re assessing people uniformly. Indeed, integrating assessments is key to removing any biases within the recruitment process. Besides, ensure that the whole process is structured to best match your company’s operating procedures and culture.

With the removal of bias, you can be sure to recruit applicants purely based on the strength of their CVs, evaluations, skills, and personalities.

Successfully implementing an ATS recruitment within your company’s hiring process is crucial. Soon, you will realize a vast quantity and high quality of applicants flowing into your recruitment pipeline. As a result, your company is positioned to benefit from a wide pool of talent available. You will surely hire only the best candidates for each position.

Key Takeaways

Most HR managers and hiring professionals understand the struggle of acquiring talented candidates for key positions in their organizations. Without an efficient recruitment system, the procedure can be even more burdensome. It also becomes costly in terms of company resources and time.

Implementing the ATS recruitment saves your company time and resources. It also allows you to hire a great team of employees. More so, you get to find employees with valuable skills.

Besides, the ATS recruitment procedures are nearly seamless. This reduces the stress factors associated with the traditional hiring and recruiting styles. So, go ahead and use a special HR recruitment software and enjoy the process. All the best in your upcoming recruitment procedures!

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