This App Convert Customers to Buy More from your Online Store

Do you know you can staggeringly boost the sales of your online store automatically using a simple Application?

Yes, your online store can start generating more sales with this upsell and cross-sell technique from Amazon.

This App is simply called Boost Sales.

What is Boost Sales and How does it Work?

Boost sales simply mean increasing your sales. This technique uses the upsell and cross-sell technique to help you increase sales. Boost sales convert customers to buy more from your online store. The App is lightweight and very responsive.

up sell and cross sell

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What is Up-sell?

Up-sell is simply a way to upgrade the customer’s cart level by selling them more.

Upselling empowers you to suggest to customers higher-end alternatives or relevant products so you can easily increase average order value from all orders.

When visitors add an item to the cart, a popup will appear to upsell them a list of better options that they might be interested in.

If you enable this Application on your site, Boost Sales will automatically pick up the most appropriate products to recommend based on customer’s shopping behavior and increase sales for you.

What about Cross-sell?

Cross-sell simply means product bundling offers. Cross-sell helps you to bundle up products that go well together into a product bundle for your customers.

How? When customers view any product and you happen to have a bundle that has the product in it, a corner popup will appear with a special effect to catch their attention and suggest the whole pack.

App Convert Customers to Buy More from your Online Store

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You can freely choose the ways your cross-sell bundles display, as popups or embedded widgets right in the product descriptions (like Amazon’s doing). You can also offer discount coupons to promote your valued deals even better, and significantly boost sales from any existing customer.

Furthermore, you can activate the Artificial Intelligence AI to automatically create smart cross-sell offers as well.

Boost sales’ machine learning technology automatically create offers and suggests them to the right customers based on their browsing behaviors and order history.

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Help you Sell More at Checkout

According to users of this App, Upsell at the cart page is reported to reach 5-10% conversion on average?

App That Convert eCommerce Visitors To Buy More

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When customers click “Check Out” button in cart page, one last upsell offer will show up to suggest them more items they might want to add before checking out.

These products are well-chosen based on their shopping behaviors and your sales history, which makes customers more likely to purchase.

Highlight of the Features of Boost Sales

  1. Create appealing bundle discounts.
  2. Beautifully responsive on all devices.
  3. Pre-designed holiday themes.
  4. Detailed performance report.

Are you an eCommerce site that wishes to boost your sales, then Boost Sales is what you need.

Most online stores in Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, USA, Europe, and Asia use this app to increase revenue, so what are you waiting for.

Follow this link to try Boost Sales for free.

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