IncFile vs LegalZoom: Which is Better?

Are you currently searching for the best online incorporation service but aren’t sure which one is a better choice for you?

Incfile and LegalZoom are services that are able to incorporate for you. In this article, we will compare IncFile vs LegalZoom by discussing the key elements you need to think about before choosing between these service providers. We will also touch base on which is the better one overall.

IncFile vs LegalZoom, Which is Better?

Overall value and pricing


LegalZoom is one of the most well-known services for online incorporation and LLC setup on the market, but research has found that its popularity does not translate into better value for their clients.

Even though LegalZoom provides a $149 pack to incorporate, the measure of upsells can become overwhelming and very pricy. Further to this, they don’t provide a registered agent service with any of their formation packages and on top of that there includes a variable fee of $159-299 each year for subscribers to pay.


For Incfile, an astonishing $0, is the lowest price witnessed for this amalgamation of features. Incfile will provide aid to help form your business while also offering a registered agent service all year round.

Once the first year has come to an end, the registered agent can renew for $119 every year, which qualifies as a powerful selling point. Furthermore, their $149 gold pack and $299 platinum package are both full of amazing features that make them strong alternatives too, even at their higher selling points.

So when it comes to value and pricing, Incfile takes the cup, Incfile’s price points are a lot lower than LegalZooms but on top of that, they also offer a full year of registered agent services, something LegalZoom does not provide.


Company experience and reputation 

Legal Zoom

Legal Zoom was established in 1999 and has served more than 3.6 million customers. Although their emphasis is not on business formation services, they have helped more than one million businesses get on their feet. If you search for LegalZoom customer reviews on other sites, you will notice that they have an equal balance of one-star ratings as well as five-star reviews.


Incfile was established in 2004, and they’ve formed more than 250 000 businesses since then. Customer reviews serve as a big powerhouse for them. They have a lot of positive reviews across the internet and only a handful of negative reviews.

So when it comes to company experience and track record, LegalZoom has the upper hand when it comes to experience, as they manage a larger customer volume compared to any other business in the online incorporation services industry.

But on the other hand, an equally important advantage as far as customer reviews are concerned is that Incfile has a larger amount of positive feedback compared to LegalZoom.

All in all, these brands are equal in this “department”, but if you prefer a company with better a track record and experience, you may decide one is better than the other, based on your preference.

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