10 Major Things to Consider When Hiring a Business Lawyer

Like an accountant, a lawyer is crucial to your business. But with so many lawyers, how do you know which one to choose? Every lawyer has an area of specialization. And in terms of business, you need to engage a business corporate lawyer. 

A good business lawyer will offer vital support and assistance in almost every area of your business. Your attorney will advise on your type of business structure and keeping thorough tax records. 

They will also guide you on handling employees and the employment process and forming solid contracts. Better still, a business lawyer will skillfully support you through any lawsuits and liability.

46% of lawyers spend 10 hours or less representing clients in court, or meeting clients, while 22% take at least 20 hours. This implies that when you find the right business lawyer, they can represent you well in case an issue pertaining to your business arises. 

10 Major Things to Consider When Hiring a Business Lawyer

But, the challenge comes in finding a great and affordable one. Start doing your homework!

Hiring Guide for Corporate Business Lawyers

1. Long or Short Term Service

Don’t start asking around or searching online for a corporate lawyer without defining your needs. 

Why do you need a lawyer? 

Is your problem legal, and you can’t resolve it alone? Must you ask for professional help?

Once you have established that you need legal assistance, know if you want it for the short or long term.

The period you need to hire a business attorney depends on your work. Things like essential advice on an issue require a short-term lawyer. But you’ll need a long-term lawyer if you want legal assistance managing your business affairs. This is someone you hire to be on call whenever you call with issues.

Most importantly, your type of business will determine how long or short you need a lawyer. Some businesses experience frequent legal issues and need a long-term lawyer to keep protecting them. At the same time, others are always on the safe side and might need a lawyer for simple issues.

2. Business Lawyer’s Niche

Like medicine, law consists of so many areas of specialization. Besides, businesses are different and have varying points of need.

People want corporate business lawyers to help them with real estate, employment, criminal, bankruptcy, accident/injury, immigration and civil rights.

Still, general practice attorneys handle a wide range of situations. Usually, smaller businesses look for general practice lawyers for help because their issues are not as complex, and the pay isn’t high.

However, if you have a specific business situation, it would be best to go for someone with particular expertise in corporate law.

3. Corpor Lawyer’s Reputation

When it comes to legal advice or service, you want to hire a lawyer that is highly reputable. What are people saying about the lawyer? You can check their online pages for reviews.

It would also be best to find out how well they are regarded by asking for referrals from past clients. If that’s not an easy thing, check for a referral to a local lawyer with expertise for your needs.

4. The Business Attorney’s Location

Every state has its set of laws. That’s why it’s essential to look for a lawyer who is familiar with your business location’s legal needs.

If you’re not from the city and can’t find a top corporate law firm, you can search online for a lawyer, even though you are not from your area but familiar with your laws. This lawyer can offer legal assistance through phone calls or emails for more minor issues.  

But it’s essential to find a face-to-face relationship with a lawyer for more significant legal matters or long-term services.

5. Experience

Aside from the specialization and reputation of legal services you require, experience is another crucial thing to consider. You want to work with the best corporate business lawyers that have adequate experience in cases similar to yours. A more experienced attorney is highly valuable, especially if the experience is in handling your type of business issue. 

Still, this doesn’t disqualify a newbie lawyer who has their skills together, proving able to take on a case. Finding information on practicing history from the firm, or simply asking them would help make a choice. Interview the business law attorneys to ensure they are qualified to handle your case. 

Ask all the essential questions that will provide insight into their experience level. Ensure they also communicate truthfully about their experience. Some can lie to be in business for a long time just to get you to hire them.

Experienced lawyer

6. Size of Law Firm

Usually, larger firms are established and highly resourceful. But they are expensive.

Conversely, smaller ones have limited resources and services to offer. You may probably lack the service you need to be offered. They are less expensive.

In short, the law firm’s size can determine where you’ll source your help, affecting your decision.

7. Costs of Corporate Business Lawyer’s Services

Eventually, the cost of an attorney plays a significant role in making a choice. There are important questions you should ask your lawyer about the relevant costs.

The best approach would be to get several quotes from different lawyers in your line of interest. You also want to know their billings; for example, is it a flat rate, hourly rate, negotiable fee, a retainer or a contingency fee?

Moreover, ask if the amount you pay caters for things like travel, shipping and filing. Usually, these are separate costs. Shop around for a good business lawyer within your budget. 

But before you settle on one, ensure you ask all questions and the costs and billings. You don’t want to pay for hidden charges when you’re already too deep. Better still, have a legal agreement on the payment requirements, just in case, someone tries to change what they initially stated.

8. The Legal Officer’s Compatibility 

Compatibility should also fall on the list, even with the many things to consider in your choice of a corporate lawyer. It would help if you worked with a lawyer with a good character that includes trustworthiness and respect and is comfortable to talk to. 

A lawyer with a good sense of judgment is a valuable asset because they’ll ensure to be thorough in the process.

9. Corporate Business Lawyers’ Availability

Is your lawyer ready to make time for your case? Can your lawyer handle your issue immediately? How much is your caseload?

Finding honest answers to these questions will help you make a good choice of a lawyer. It would be best to work with a lawyer that’s not overbooked or overworked. Even if they are the best, you can always find someone else with excellent skills and availability to work with you.

10. Excellent Communication

Above everything else, you need a lawyer who knows how to communicate, same as availability and compatibility. With running a busy business and the lawyer handling all the legal paperwork and meetings, it’s easy to fall out of touch.

Therefore, you must establish a communication process or method from the start. Discuss the best time and method of communication that works for both of you. This way, nobody will miss calls or meetings. Better still, a regular check-in schedule would be ideal for discussing updates in case of an ongoing issue.

Wrapping Up

When looking for one of the best corporate business lawyers, be prudent and ensure you settle on an asset, not a liability. It would be best to start looking for a business lawyer even if you’re not facing any trouble. 

This way, the lawyer has a better chance of knowing more about you and your business goals.

With that in mind, it’ll be easy to protect your interests whenever an issue arises.

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