5 Low Investment E-Commerce Business Ideas

If you’ve been itching to launch your own business but don’t have a surplus of savings to devote to your ideas, it’s worthwhile to consider establishing an e-commerce business instead of going the traditional route.

With e-commerce, investment requirements are typically relatively low. More often than not, you’ll only really need to devote funds towards launching a website, fine-tuning products or services, and marketing your brand.

So, let’s check out the most profitable e-commerce business ideas you can start with minimal investment.

Low Investment E-Commerce Business Ideas

Custom Apparel

While fashion is constantly changing and evolving, personalization makes sense for those who buy and sell fashion apparel. Allowing customers to personalize garments provides a unique experience to the customer.

All you’ll need is a website, a supplier of standard garments, and some printing equipment to bring customer ideas to life.

Moreover, you won’t need any specialist skills to get started. With the best skull SVG and other pre-cut files, you can create custom designs with ease.

Selling Your Crafts

Suppose you have a hobby for creating items like pottery, canvas prints, jewelry, or anything else. In this case, you could turn your hobby into an extra income by crafting an e-commerce website and listing your handmade goods for sale.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be an exceptionally lucrative business opportunity. All you’ll need to do is select a niche for your business and find affiliate partners.

Some of the world’s biggest brands rely on affiliate marketers to increase brand visibility and sales. You won’t be selling any products either; you’ll simply be referring companies for a commission by using their provided affiliate links.


Blogging is another excellent option that could churn your knack for writing into substantial profits over time.

For this business idea, you’ll need to launch a blog website and start publishing niche-specific blogs. As traffic grows, you can make a profit by renting ad space on your website or partnering with affiliates. There are also other effective ways to make money blogging, like writing paid reviews, offering skill-based services, or sponsored posts.

E-Commerce Marketplace

An e-commerce marketplace is a platform that can also be described as a virtual mall. Think in line with platforms like Amazon. Your website will list other sellers’ products for a small additional profit, and you’ll manage shipping and deliveries.

You won’t need much capital to get this kind of e-commerce business going, although you will need to invest in marketing to get products on your site.

If you decide to launch an e-commerce website, it’s vital to pay attention to marketing strategies that will get your virtual business seen. The best approach is to develop a digital marketing strategy that includes content outreach, social media campaigns, email marketing, and quality lead generation.

Nevertheless, if you’re feeling a bit out of depth with the specifics of digital marketing strategies, you could rely on an expert marketing agency to handle this for you. Outsourcing your digital marketing needs is affordable and the best way to get effective results from industry experts.

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