Organizing a Corporate Event: 4 Tips

According to a recent survey, more than half of all B2B businesses spend around 21% of their marketing budgets on events; however, the most successful companies spend almost twice as much.

When you consider the time, money, and effort required to host a corporate event, ensuring that it’s a success is critical – something that’s easier said than done.

In today’s corporate event world, meeting the expectations of your guests is challenging because their standards are so high. To make your event a true success, you need to pull out all the stops.

Here are four tips for organizing a corporate event that your guests will remember for years to come.  

Organizing a Corporate Event: 4 Tips

1. Find a Unique Venue

One sure-fire way to ensure your guests are having a good time is to host your party at the best corporate event venue. Choosing a unique venue can give your guests a memorable experience they’ll remember forever. You shouldn’t underestimate the importance of a good venue – so do your research and book your event well in advance.

When choosing a venue, ask yourself which event space offers something unique and think about how the venue’s offerings align with the theme of your event, corporate brand, and message. A unique and exciting venue that also reflects your organization’s brand is sure to enthrall your guests.

2. Entertainment is Essential

No matter who your guests are, they want an engaging corporate event – not a boring one. Of course, you’ll have to incorporate the “business” aspect into your event, but try to provide both business and pleasure.

You can keep your guests interested and engaged by providing some entertainment – the possibilities are almost endless when you consider forms of entertainment that utilize the latest technology.

For instance, you could thrill your guests with escape rooms, holograms, virtual or augmented reality games, and drone shows – or you could opt for classic entertainment options like live musicians, dance troupes, and photo booths.

3. Provide a Culinary Experience

No great event would be complete without great food, so set up a culinary experience to wow your guests. However, to create an exciting dining experience, the meal you serve needs to be more than just a pre-set plate of food.

If your event has a buffet, you’ll need to fill the serving tables with food that will accommodate all your guest’s dietary restrictions and preferences.

If you want something a little more hands-on, you could host a cooking class at your event and allow your guests to learn some culinary techniques and have some fun.

If you’re looking for something elegant and classic, you can host a sumptuous fine dining experience. Serve multiple courses on fancy crockery, organize elaborate table settings, and offer premium cocktails and bar beverages.

Thinking of ways to time the different meal courses so your guests can engage in other fun activities in between them is a great way to make your event even more memorable.

4. Generate a Buzz

Instead of handing out invitations a few weeks before the event, generate some intrigue and excitement by putting out teasers on the organization’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. Engage and interact with the guests by asking them to guess what the entertainment or theme will be.

You’ll generate enthusiasm by engaging with guests and creating a buzz around the corporate event ahead of time. Your guests will be excited about the event, raising everybody’s energy levels. That way, everyone will be ready to make the most of the event when the day finally arrives.

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