Why you Need a Property Lawyer in Nigeria

Property lawyers are well informed legal professionals in the real estate or property business.

A property lawyer understand the property laws in Nigeria, land use act and the requirements to land/property ownership.

Are you planning to delve into the property business in Nigeria?

Did you inherit any kind of property in Nigeria?

Are you looking at buying your first home?

Do you intend to get a house through mortgage?

Are you a registered real estate agent who buys and sells properties for your clients?

This information is for you.

In the property business, disputes often arise, it’s either a case of selling property with fake documents , forgery or landlord-tenant disagreement. It could also be an issue with government or land tax.

In any of the cases, a property lawyer can help you to a great extent in resolving the issues or save you extra bucks with proper guidance.

Read on as I share with you the 3 major reasons you should engage the service of a property lawyer in Nigeria if you own, building or inherited a property.

Property lawyer in Nigeria

3 important reasons you should get a property lawyer in Nigeria.

  1. Legal Guidance

When purchasing a property in Nigeria, it is pertinent you are legally guided and the two parties involved legally bound. Failing to have a property attorney on your side who will verify the authenticity of the documents you are receiving as well as verify the agreement you’re about to sign can cause you a huge loss should the document be unauthentic.

Often, there are grey areas infused in most agreement by dubious clients that might not be easily sighted by you but a property lawyer can easily detect and advise accordingly.

A well trained property attorney will intimate you on the conditions attached to the property you are about to purchase and in the case of mortgage, can help you put together all authorized paper works the financial institution may require.

  1. Manage Your Property

The property you are about to acquire could be a place you want to live or rent out. In the case you are either buying or building to rent out, it is always advised you hand over the management and enforcement of rent to a property lawyer.

The property lawyer also helps you draft an agreement with your occupants where it is stated clearly how and when rents are paid and the penalty upon default.

When this document is signed, the occupants are bound by it and should they default, the property manager (lawyer) can either get an eviction notice from the court and serve the occupant or liaise with the occupant on why they defaulted and reach further agreement on your behalf without going to court.

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  1. Dispute Handling

In a case where dispute arise, the property lawyer will on your behalf charge the occupant/trespasser to court.  It definitely costs more to engage an external lawyer upon disagreement with your occupants or individuals trespassing on your property.

The property lawyer who of course wrote the agreement signed by your occupants understand clearly the contents of the agreement and  when agreements are signed, the time spent to get judgment in the law court is drastically reduced.

In a case of joint ownership, the property lawyer mediate among the parties involved to reach an agreement. S/he can act as a mediator to settle cases out of court.

Your attorney also advice you on tax matters.

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Getting a property lawyer will relieve you from lots of stress that comes with managing a property. This will also help you to concentrate on your primary business. It is therefore advised that a property owner get one today.

Remember, insuring your property is very important and can reduce your pains or loss in case disaster occur.



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  1. Micheal says:

    How can I get a good property lawyer I need one because I have a tanant that has refuse to paid me for 6yrs now and all effort to quit him prove abortive in oluti amuwo Lagos State

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    This is an interesting and informative post. It’s so useful to us. Thanks for sharing.

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    It certainly is a good idea to consult a lawyer to properly guide you through legal matters. Making sure deeds are legitimate and notarized when needed is crucial when closing a real estate deal. Brilliant post thank you for sharing!

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