Akshay Patni Interview: 10 Things to learn at an early age

In one of the closed communities, I came in touch with Akshay Patni, who helped many businesses to grow traffic and leads.


Life and career going hand in hand make the best of sense in each and everyone’s life. But in reality, it is something that’s hard to maintain. 


But, when there happens to be someone who made it possible, in such a way that other people can look up to him, it becomes a motivation, inspiration, and the ultimate driving force when in doubt and drain.


Akshay Patni, a mega mind who has made his position highly remarkable in his field of work, walk of life and within the heart of each and everyone whom he meets. Come, get to know more about this personality!


Who is Akshay Patni?


Akshay Patni Interview: 10 Things to learn at an early age


Akshay Patni is the founder of RankHawn, an award-winning Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore. A dynamic and self-motivated individual, his success in the Online Marketing domain is unparalleled. 


In the first year of his digital marketing company, he was able to reach more than 100 clients, globally. With no initial investment, they grew exponentially.


He started his career at the age of 19 with blogging. He was able to work with renowned Bollywood personalities like Ajay Devgan. After receiving various awards from WordPress and other communities, RankHawn expanded globally.


RankHawn was built from hard-core passion towards digital marketing to show the world the real power of digital marketing, while there were a ton of quacks claiming to know all the trends and whereabouts of social media marketing and digital marketing.


Akshay did not just confine himself to making his clients happy, but he wanted to make sure that the quality of the freelancers, companies out there, helping the outside clients, is the best so that marketing trends keep getting better each time. 


He was interested in conducting sessions, personal guidance to other people and companies, which created a great impact on the big giant brands.


Here are ten important things to learn from him


  1. Have a Powerful Vision

Being rooted in one’s passion and striving hard to the completion of it is the key to success. Having a powerful vision, to create the change you need to see, to act to the fulfillment of dreams are the driving forces for any forthcoming successful entrepreneur. The vision must not just aim at your wellness, but also instill in you, the responsibility to give back to society what you’ve learnt and taken from it.


  1. Learn How to Say No


Being on your track needs constant enthusiasm, urge to take your own decisions, and the strength to say NO to things that can distract, put you down, or even change your goal.

There can be a lot of suggestions, plans and prompts regarding your business, personal life or things that can concern both. It is your responsibility to say NO to anything that can waste your time.


  1. Welcome Criticism


Be open to all the criticisms that might come in your way. Challenge yourselves each day to all the criticisms that will eventually mould you into something that you have been dreaming of with timely corrections and changes required.


  1. One step at a time


You might have a plateful of stuff to be done at a time. But it would be a mere wastage of time if you try to do everything together at a time. Try to learn one thing at a time, execute it, progress to the next one and so on.


  1. Focus on a goal


Be so focused that you would finally look back at your hard work and never regret it. People usually are seen to be working for 18 hours a day at the beginning of their career to steer all their passion, dream and strength to attain their goal.


  1. Choose the right surroundings


It’s not always that your kith and kin are helpful towards your venture. You will have to go in search of the resources that will help you in the long run. He had spent most of his time with entrepreneurs who were 15 years elder to him to learn the business instead of spending his time with his college friends.


  1. Enjoy what you do


When you do it with all of our heart, the result changes. In fact, it becomes a million times better than what you would have done with your sleeves. Successful people always enjoy what they do as it is their passion that they are following.


  1. Ask for advice


When in doubt, you cannot simply jump to conclusions. Taking advice from experienced people and putting in the collective effort of a group of people is always better than your single decision.


  1. Pick Good people


Your team defines the future of your dream. Pick the best people, who believe in your ideology, whom you can trust and whom you can be open with your ideas. Your team can only help you when in doubt and trouble. So assemble your best people!


  1. Don’t Procrastinate


Action speaks louder than words. Never delay, waiting for the best product or best service.

Execute your plans rather than putting them down as ideas on paper. Expect results, but do not procrastinate. Anything can happen, from the worst to the best. Hence, work is quite important rather than thinking about the results.


Akshay Patni believed in his passion and has trained more than 100 organizations and is continuing to do so. 


The man knows no bounds when his heart leaps the farthest!

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