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The Israeli tech scene gets more and more recognition, as it seems to continuously get bigger. A few years back, we would not think of Israel as a cutting-edge fintech hub, but this is certainly the case nowadays. The Annual Fintech-Aviv Summit shows us the direction and the developments of their works, and the whole world seems to be increasingly impressed by this.

Trends that disrupt banking - Fintech-Aviv

Each year, people from all around the globe had a chance to join the panels, conferences, discussions, and meetings provided by Fintech-Aviv. Almost a third of their audience came from North America, a quarter was Western European, 15% tuned in from Central Eastern Europe, 14% came from the United Kingdom, and 10% from Asia. This only showcases the scale of Fintech-Aviv’s success, as it becomes clear that they are now reaching worldwide success.

It’s fascinating, how Fintech-Aviv threw such an event in the pandemic times. Last year, the organizers managed to do it before the first lockdown, and the audience had a chance to physically attend the panels and discussions. 12 months later, Fintech-Aviv refused to break the continuity of the events and have decided to organize the Summit online. Israel is indeed one of the countries to first emerge from the pandemic, but their audience is global, so it had to be done remotely.

NirNetzer’s panel during the 2021 Annual Fintech-Aviv Summit

This year, one of the panels was led by NirNetzer, who is Fintech-Aviv’s Chairman. He has been engaged with developing the Israeli tech scene for 7 years now, and during the 2021 Summit, he spoke about the trends influencing the landscapes in different parts of the world. On the said panel, he hosted some speakers by the names of Khalid Dannish (Bahrain FinTech Bay’s CEO), Thomas Krogh Jensen (Copenhagen FinTech’s CEO), as well as Andrew Samu (the Features Editor of the London-based Disruption Banking).

At the beginning of the panel, Dannish introduced all the participants to the specificities of the eco-system of Bahrain. He briefly explained how both the major stakeholders and the government of Bahrain are approaching the developing fintech sector with seriousness.

Then Samu commented on how the banks seem to be embracing crypto more, apart from accepting the vastly evolving innovations and technology. Then Jensen explained to the audience, how the Nordic countries approach Fintech, and some of the trends present in these markets. He commented that he noticed the ‘Embedded Finance’ became more popular, as well as the increased presence of Wealth Management. He also spoke about the recent acquisition of Lendify, the lending firm from Sweden, by Lunar.

Then the discussion kept on apace, with some valuable points raised between Netzer and the participants. It finished off with each of them giving their forecasts regarding the Fintech trends. Some of them included SPACs (Special Purpose Acquisition Companies), DeFi (Decentralized Finance), Quantum Computing, growth of Unicorns from the GCC region (Gulf Cooperation Council), or even the digitalization of Small and Medium-Enterprises.

You can access the video from the event in the Disruption Banking piece that we will gladly link below. It’s 26 minutes-long, and it surely will be a valuable source of inspiration and expertise for anyone who is interested in the future of Decentralized Finance, Fintech, and the different challenges for different markets all around the world.

It is really worth ‘stopping by’, especially as Fintech-Aviv curates the meetings with really influential people from all over the sector of Fintech. That is why the attendants this year had a chance to listen to the representatives of Facebook, Deloitte Catalyst, Commerz Ventures, ING Bank, VISA, Refinitiv, Amazon Web Services, and many more.

To access the Disruption Banking piece that describes in detail the meeting and presents a fascinating take on the Fintech-Aviv’s endeavors, you should definitely use the following link. There you will find a promised article, as well as the video material from the panel:

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