Industry-Specific Benefits of Visitor Management System for Manufacturing Facilities

Businesses around the world continue to be affected by the Covid-19 crisis and various sectors including the manufacturers around the world are making efforts to handle the global health emergency while keeping their business from being affected by it. It is no surprise that manufacturers continue to face manufacturing delays, supply chain disruptions, and a temporary stop to production.

However, lately, it has been observed that smart business owners are using strategic planning to prepare for a return and by leveraging the advancement in technology they are receiving a great response by promoting a safe and secure workplace culture backed by centralized data to monitor day to day activities.

“Auto manufacturers and suppliers are converging on a consensus that temperature screening, daily health questionnaires, assembly lines redesigned to keep workers 3 to 6 feet (0.9 m to 1.8 m) apart, and lots and lots of masks and gloves can enable large-scale factories to operate safely.” – Reuters, April 2020

Industry-Specific Benefits of Visitor Management System for Manufacturing Facilities

Visitor management systems are designed to take care of specific challenges faced by the manufacturing industries. Here’s how a good and efficient visitor management system can help you:

  1. Collect Real-time Data of Each Individual

One of the main reasons to have a visitor management system is to ensure safety and security at the workplace. By collecting real-time data and tracking each visitor, you can monitor activities at the unit while making sure that nobody is threatening the safety of the workplace.

After the visitor signs in to the workplace, you can begin tracking them in real-time. You will automatically have access to his information along with his picture that you can make visible through a user-friendly dashboard.

It also helps you understand the historical patterns of your visitor.

  1. Verify and Identify Each Individual

You can efficiently scan the IDs of each individual while checking their passport, license, and provide them verification according to it.

  1. Protect the property

Manufacturing facilities require huge investment and therefore it is absolutely necessary to protect them from theft and vandalism. Using paper-based solutions is no longer useful to ensure the safety of your intellectual property, equipment as well as your employees.

By incorporating a visitor management system you can prevent unauthorized entry along with any risk of theft and vandalism.

  1. Restrict Access

Some units of the manufacturing plant may be off-limits to certain staff members as well as visitors, you can restrict the access to such areas with a visitor management system. By setting up a separate kiosk, you can give visitors permission-based access.

Benefits of Visitor Management System

  1. Create Visitor Badges

Visitor Badges are printed IDs containing the image, name, duration of access time, pick up point, the person they are visiting and other information about the visitor that may be helpful in keeping their track while promoting a positive and safe environment at the workplace.

With the help of a visitor management system, you can print different badges for contractors, delivery boys, and temporary employees and you can set the access duration accordingly.

  1. Facilitate Emergency Responses

The visitor Management System shows great promise when it comes to an emergency evacuation. It helps you get the exact headcount of all your employees as well as the visitors who are inside the building.

In a big manufacturing plant, making sure everybody is safe and scanning a paper book could take hours and emergency situations are always time-sensitive so using a computerized system such as a visitor management solution you can locate each individual and instantly get real-time data on everyone so that everybody could be evacuated from the building in time.

This system also helps you notify the employees for faster rescues and this way you can satisfy both internal and external compliance with a visitor management system.

VMS Suggestion

iLobby for Manufacturing Plants

iLobby for manufacturing offers an effective Visitor Management System for manufacturing units to keep track of their visitors and employees while managing real-time data and access their location to maintain a safe and positive environment at the workplace. One can efficiently improve their productivity while protecting their property by leveraging the advancement in technology of visitor management and streamline their day-to-day process with the help of a reliable system by iLobby.

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